How to Make Your Hair Grow Super-Fast?

Here’s an annoying fact – No matter how many hair vitamins you gobble up every morning or how many hair trims you get frequently, you cannot grow butt-length hair overnight. Human hair grows only up to a quarter inch to an inch maximum in a month. Still getting long hair is possible if it is healthy and doesn’t have much split ends. If you feel that your hair isn’t growing even half an inch per month, here are a few tips from the hairdresser Sydney Northern Beaches to speed up the process a bit.

– Take Care of Your Scalp

If you are looking to grow your hair fast, you need to pay attention to your scalp. Taking care of your scalp ensure that the blood and nutrients flow seamlessly into the hair follicle which reduces the hair loss. The hairdresser North Sydney advises using scalp shampoo once in a week. Invest in some good oil for scalp, mask, scrubs or scalp stimulating elements like tea tree, peppermint oil to help boost the circulation.

– Get Trims Frequently

If you are looking for long and healthy hair, you must opt for frequent trims. Neglecting trimming will result in split ends. Simultaneously, having split ends causes your hair to break, inhibit from growing longer and make you hair look thinner. So, get your hairdresser Northern Beaches appointment to trim off your hair at least once in every three months, to nip split ends in the bud.

– Rinse With Cold Water

Rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of your shower will boost hair growth. This will prevent loss of moisture of your hair and averts heat damage. Rinse the hair at least for a few seconds, which can make a huge difference over time.

– Stay Away from Heat Tools

If you are behind hair styling tools like curling wands, straighteners or chemicals, it is sure to cause a lot of damage and end up in loss of hair. So it is essential that your hair needs to be healthy. The healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow. It is recommended not to overuse these tools on the hair. Hence get the help of hairdresser north Sydney, as they will use essential heat protectant on your hair.

– Brush Your Hair Gently

It is essential to brush your hair frequently. But make sure to brush gently. Keep away from aggressive brushing, as it can damage your hair. In case, if you are hearing a crunchy sound when brushing, it means that you are being hard on your hair. Be very cautious when your hair is wet, as it is susceptible to breakage. The hairdresser Sydney northern beaches suggest using boar-bristle brush, as it will help disseminate the natural oils down the hair shaft. This promotes more moisturised strands, which helps with the hair growth.

Hopefully these tips will help you with growing your hair superfast. Let us know about your secret recipe for hair growth in the comments below.

The author is a professional hairdresser Sydney northern beaches. He is also an avid blogger who writes on hair care tips. Visit for more details.

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