How to Make a Claim for Rear-end Car Accident?

One of the most common questions that most of the best personal injury lawyers in Perth are bombarded with is, “Am I at fault if someone hits me from my behind?” Well, the most common answer to this is that the driver behind you isn’t paying sufficient attention to driving or driving at high speed. In Australia, if your car is hit from behind and you are sustaining injuries due to this car crash, you are entitled to claim compensation for the injury and damage.

What Types of Compensation Can You Claim For?

If you are involved in a car accident in which your car is hit from behind, you can claim for damages caused to your vehicle and the injuries you have sustained. Depending on whether you’ve caused the accident, the amount of compensation for the damages and injuries may vary. Even if you are at fault, you can get the compensation, but the amount you receive will be comparatively less.

Different Scenarios in Rear-end Vehicle Accidents

Collision Involving Two Cars

If the rear-end collision involves two cars, the driver from the behind is liable to cause the injuries. But, if the car in the front rolls back to hit the car behind, the driver of the front is at fault.

Collision Involving More than Two Cars

If the rear-end collision involves more than two cars, the driver of the last car is responsible for the accident if the car causes the car in front to hit the one in the front. You can also claim for contributory negligence in this case.

Collision in a Car Park

The leading personal injury lawyer in Perth clears that the reversing car may be considered liable if a car is reversing out of a car park and collides with you. If the collision occurs when both the cars are reversing, a contributed negligence can be claimed.

Tips to Make a Rear-end Car Crash Claim

When applying for a claim for a car accident, it’s always better to get in touch with your personal injury lawyer in Perth to make the right move. The type of claim you make and the amount of compensation you receive widely depends on the type of injury and damages caused to your car.

– You should consider filing a personal injury claim if you have a financial loss greater than $5000 or your recovery time is more than six months. This compensation covers a range of expenses, but you must file the claim within three years when the accident occurred.

– A CTP insurance claim can be made for minor injuries and damages, and you will receive up to $5000 in compensation for your car crash. The Accident Nomination Form for this process must be placed within 28 days of the accident.

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