How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor in Good Condition?

Hardwood floors are popular for a good reason among homeowners. Stylish, warm and strong, they last for a few decades. They add value to homes in addition to that. Moreover, in comparison to wall to wall carpets, the maintenance of hardwood flooring in Leawood KS is simple. Despite these attributes, they will lose their charm if they are not well-maintained. It is a good thing that you can keep your hardwood floor in good shape and look vibrant with easy cleaning routines. Here are tips on how to conserve hardwood flooring.

Protect the floor from liquids

The wood is protected from gentle scratches by the good finish of the hardwood, but you have to shield the wood from liquids. Except for liquids or big scratches, it is hard for the wood to get hurt. To do this efficiently, prevent spills and clean them off immediately when they occur. Use a wet mop to disinfect it, including when washing the hardwood floor. Other products can be harsh and contain additives that may fade the hardwood finish, and use cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning hardwood floors. Never use a carpet cleaning machine or a steam mop when cleaning hardwood floors, as it can render the wood to liquids.

Appropriate cleaning of hardwood floors

As soon as they get on the floor, clean the food particles, liquids, stains, and other toxins. The longer they remain on the floor; they get embedded on the surface. The floor must be thoroughly washed before being waxed or polished. To clear any dirt, sweep or vacuum the floor first, then use a commercial hardwood floor cleanser. In order, to eliminate any stains on the tile, you can use a solution of dish soap and water, or vinegar and water. Then, just wet a mop with water to remove any traces of soap or vinegar and then dry it absolutely.

Protect scratches in the floor

To stop scratching your hardwood floor, there are a few steps you can take. Stop indoor use of outdoor shoes because rough soles can easily wear and tear the floors. You can use socks or indoor slippers on the floor instead. Furniture can also harm the wood, use stick-on protectors on your furniture’s feet to prevent this; it helps particularly when the furniture needs to be relocated. In addition, use rugs in some areas of your home to protect the hardwood from the effects of heavy furniture. In addition, avoid rolling chairs on the hardwood floors because they tend to damage the floor.

Calling in a hardwood floor professional

Your hardwood floors will suffer wear and tear after some time, which could need hardwood floor refinishing in Leawood KS. After a while, say ten or twenty years, refinishing hardwood floors is important. And it is advisable to call in a specialist to get it refinished.

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