How to Keep Fit During these Uncertain Times

The global pandemic that spread across the world this year threatened the public health as well as the sports industry. Even the Tokyo Olympics 2020 were postponed for a year because of fears over the COVID-19 pandemic. The public was advised not to go to public areas and avoid large crowds to lessen the spread of the virus.

Now that the public retreats to the comfort of their homes, fitness studios and gyms are now closed. According to the April 2020 survey in the United States stated on Health Line, 27 percent of respondents claim that they have been exercising less often than usual due to the global pandemic crisis.

Power Hour 360, the best fitness gym in Kirkland, WA, would not let a global pandemic affect their fitness routine. They have come up with ways how to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle with these tips:


  • Develop a daily routine

Quarantine life changed everyone’s active lifestyle making them prone to endless snacking with minimal to zero activities.

You can start plotting out your daily quarantine activity like starting your day with a daily exercise. It can be as simple as planking or running around the backyard with your kids to get that blood pumping. After a brief exercise, you can prepare a healthy breakfast for the family, do some household chores or some supply run. If you are on a work from home arrangement, all the better to maximize your time and avoid boredom.


  • Take care of mental health

Power Hour 360 encourages everyone to practice gratitude like counting your blessings, avoid complaining about mundane things and focus on being grateful, and random acts of kindness to support and thank the medical heroes as they continue to fight the virus.

Thinking positive and minimizing your news intake on social media lessens your anxieties. Divert your attention by taking up hobbies like home gardening or baking, focus on passion projects like photography or painting.


  • Workout From Home

Power Hour 360 announced that they are bringing their fitness studio in Kirland online. Home workouts gained popularity in recent weeks as personal trainers started taking their group fitness studios online. Power Hour 360 created a Facebook group where they post their free online home workouts like circuit training and boxing classes.

Online exercise videos via Facebook or Zoom demand rose according to a March 2020 survey. 16 Percent of adults in the United States had taken to using online exercise videos. Power Hour 360 members are treated to new classes every day with an unlimited online class at $35. They are set to re-open soon in their locations in Kirkland, WA and across Las Vegas in Northwest, Summerlin, Southwest and Henderson. For inquiries, you may get in touch with them at 702.907.4360, email at or hit them up on their social media handles.


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