How to Improve Accessibility in Your Bathroom?

Inexpensive options for improving accessibility in your bathroom! The best type of bath to improve accessibility would be an easy access bath. Installing durable, sturdy grab bars in the bathtub and next to the toilet are certainly a big help. You can do a lot more to increase your comfort with bathroom accessories! Consider adding these features to make your bathroom more accessible during your bathroom renovations in Sydney with the help of professionals.

With bathroom renovations, you will have many ways to do so without having to remodel every square inch.

1. Install A Walk-In Tub

With no-slip flooring, comfortable seating, and easy-open doors, a walk-in tub fosters bathing independence without sacrificing style or safety. In fact, install a high-quality walk-in tub is one of the most elegant options to increase the accessibility in your bathroom.

2. Update Your Shower

If you’re looking for a major change, you can completely renovate your shower, making it a roll-in shower. There are a few changes you can make to your shower by purchasing it at the best bathroom showrooms in Sydney to make it a safer, more comfortable space. A small stool or plastic seat is a great way to allow seated bathing without having to remodel any part of your shower, and you can remove the seat when necessary. For seated showering, a handheld showerhead with a hose of 60” or more is ideal for maximum flexibility.

3. Make Small Changes

Add grab bars to the area around your toilet, shower, and tub to provide additional stability and support for your existing features. The cost-effective ways to update your bathroom and as well as help you add safety to your bathroom is installing designer safety bars. Good lighting is important in any bathroom, but it’s crucial in an accessible bathroom. Another factor in improving accessibility in your bathroom is lighting. Without proper lighting, it may be more difficult to navigate the space, increasing the potential for injury. Make sure you have adequate lighting in your bathroom and that your controls operate easily and are able to be used by someone in a wheelchair.

Final Words

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