How to have a Unique Wedding?


A wedding is one of the memorable events in a couple’s life. They tie the knot, finally surrounded by family and friends, because it is a relationship that will last a lifetime. Nowadays, each moment of a wedding is recorded, and it is vital to make it memorable, or it is will not get in memories. The wedding ceremony must be traditional but also have a unique touch that would bring in a new flavour. To have a unique wedding, there are a few steps while the most crucial being, choosing unique wedding venues Sydney.

DJ Song List:

Sometimes it becomes chaos while kids try to request the DJ with their favourite songs. To avoid this, you can prepare a list beforehand and forward that to the DJ. The DJ can mix and match all the songs and play the tracklist that is loved by everyone. Imagine the bride and groom sitting at the garden wedding venues Sydney surrounded by nature where lovely songs are played, won’t it be like a dream?

Collecting pictures of friends and family for the Unique Wedding:

If the rustic wedding venues Sydney you choose allows for a slideshow presentation, you can collect photos of the groom and bride. You can also collect pictures of their family and friends. This will help show and remember special moments in their life. Such a slideshow will take everyone down the memory lane. Pictures with heartfelt captions underneath in a rustic wedding setting will definitely bring tears to everyone’s eyes.

Wedding theme:

If you are planning to host the wedding in a separate destination, there are many unique things you can do. Your guests would love to know more about the place. You can keep a basket full of food, handmade crafts, and clothes for welcoming them into the destination. Your guests would love to have fun exploring the place and know their surroundings better and have a memorable experience. You can also plan a theme for your wedding by choosing waterside or rustic wedding venues and make your wedding an unforgettable experience to cherish throughout your life.

Go Green:

Yes, you can do a favour to the environment during your wedding. Discard all the plastic accessories and utensils from the dining table. Use recyclable and biodegradable forks, plates, and spoons to celebrate your wedding in a way not harming the environment. A green wedding will be attractive, and your guests will appreciate your environmental consciousness.

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