How to Have a Memorable Hens Night?

The hens night is the last night of fun as a single woman for the bride and that is a huge reason to make it memorable. If you are charged with organising this night, you may find it daunting. But the truth is you do not have to be nervous about it, since with the right planning, you can pull off this big night you will talk about for years. Here are some tips that will come handy.

Know Who Will be There

Obviously, the hens night will have the bride to be and her closest friends. These are the most important people you should care about. If you are one of the close friends, this step will be easy. You know the kind of person the bride is and you know what she would call fun and as the saying goes, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” so, if you know the bride, then you know her friends. Now tailor everything based on this knowledge you have of the bride and her close friends.

Plan Many “Woo” Moments

Most memorable parties are the ones where there is a lot of excitement. That is what woo moments are about, for example, one of the bridesmaids downing shot after shot of whiskey is a woo moment, the bride getting a lap dance from a stripper is also a woo moment, but make sure the woo moments are tasteful, do not offend the bride and do not embarrass her church-going aunt who just showed up for the party without an invitation.

Have Props

Props are part of what can provide woo! moments. You could go to the hens night shop and pickup penis-shaped straws and balloons, funny hats for everyone to wear and so much more. These shops have a variety of cheap hens night supplies that can be used to make the night fun and memorable.

Come up With a Theme

Themes have the potential to make the night fun, for example, a beach-themed party would mean you would have to dress like you are at the beach or you could even have it on a boat that is decorated with cheap hens night supplies that match the theme. You would need to get creative and plan the theme to suit the bride and her guests. If your bride is the kind that would appreciate a Roman festival theme, then, by all means, go with that but make sure she would agree to that first.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

Parties can be fun with alcohol, but that is only when it is done in moderation. Sure, there may be that one bridesmaid who will get really drunk and agree to marry the male stripper, but you should ensure the bride does not have too much that she does something she will regret. A bit tipsy is okay so make sure there is always water to punctuate the cocktails.

With these tips and a bit of creativity, you should be able to plan a memorable hens party for the bride to be.

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