Test of English as a foreign language commonly known as TOEFL. It is normal for the people who are availing for higher studies. Many students are mostly taking this test to migrate abroad for the higher degree. TOEFL coaching in Chennai will provide you the best training and make you to get good score in the test.

TOEFL preparation

Some people want to take  lots of references, whereas some of them want to know only the test format. No matter what type of test taker you are, there are some simple tips to get followed to take the test.


Frequently read and listen to English news

The best way to improve your English skills is to listen to English news channels as it allows improving your vocabulary, learning grammar and also the way of speaking English. Start reading popular English magazines and also familiar newspapers to understand about the level of English.

Have a converse with fluent English speakers

In TOEFL test there are speaking portion where they will test your level of conversing in English. The best way to be good in this to have frequent conversation with native English speakers. If you can’t able to find anyone like them, it is better to join a class instead.

Try to improve your vocabulary

First thing is to concentrate on vocabulary for language learning. In any kind of language you take, first they will concentrate on vocabulary as it is the basis of language. TOEFL will mainly concentrate on lots of English words mainly on academic vocabulary. We can have a clear idea on what words we should concentrate more. One good method to get well trained in your vocabulary is flashcards. You can also go with digital flashcards to improve vocabulary.

Use language related website

Another way to get trained is by reading language related website. They help you improve your vocabulary progress and also they will give you a key to improve your grammar. Read a website which is teaching you from the basics of the language it will help you to review your language and also your grammar level. So you can make sure that what kind of pattern you need to get trained for TOEFL test.

Get to know about the TOEFL test pattern

First of all you need to know about the pattern of the test before you start your preparation completely. You should know the basics of the exam and how you will be answering the questions. This test will be taken for 4 hours including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Score range will be 0 -120

Practice official questions

By practicing the official questions which is similar to the main test will help you to know about the exam pattern and also where you need to improve.

TOEFL interactive sampler: It will include the entire TOEFL question paper. It is a free resource.

TOEFL sample questions: It will be having high quality TOEFL questions.

TOEFL quick prep: This is a PDF containing all the official sample questions for the reference to the test. 


Avoid making mistakes

You should not only concentrate on preparing for the exam but also want to know about the mistakes that you do and also avoid repeating them. In reading and writing section, make sure that you reread the passage and hear the clip once again as you do again, it will help you to find the missed points. Continue this until you are capable of answering without repetition.

Concentrate more on where you are weak

Your weakness can bring down the score what you secure on the test. Concentrate more on where you go down and often correct the mistakes in it so that on the day when you take the test you will feel more confident in taking the test. Thinks about the areas in TOEFL test where you find difficult and keep on working on it until you get perfect in it.

The best place to get trained


FITA is a good place to get trained in TOEFL classes, trainers in this institute are having good experience in this language and can able to train the students for the exam and make them to get a good score. Join FITA and make your career better.


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