How to Fix a Broken MacBook Screen?


MacBook is the coolest gadget with a sleek design and amazing interface. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and your MacBook can be broken. Most of the MacBook repairs Sydney are cheap and easier to fix. But, what about MacBook screen repairs Sydney? Undoubtedly, the cost of MacBook screen replacement Sydney is not going to be cheap, it is expensive. Of all the components, the screen is the most expensive part. But, be reassured that a repair from Apple is not the only option. Here is what you can do if your MacBook screen is damaged:-


When you buy an Apple’s device, there are two different types of warranty. The standard Apple care is free and you will get 90 days of support on the telephone and a year of hardware warranty against malfunctioning components. The other option is AppleCare Protection Plan that comes at a decent price and lasts three years. However, it might be brought within the first year of your Mac purchase. However, you must know that both the plans do not cover for accidental damages. Yes, Apple won’t accept that your MacBook screen broke spontaneously.

If you have protection plan and if you are lucky enough, Apple will get it fixed for free. However, the chances of this are very slim. The other option is, Apple will cost you a significant amount for MacBook screen repairs Sydney. If you want it, they will charge you at least $500 minimum. This figure may go up based on the damages your device has incurred.

Third party repair centre

If you don’t have warranty or AppleCare, then a third party repair service is your best option. Most of the servicers will pick up and drop off your Mac, fix the screen and give you a decent warranty for their service. The cost of fixing the screen can be lower than what Apple may have quoted you. So, look for the right repair centre that is specialised in MacBook repairs. Some get it fixed it with OEM components and gives you 90 days warranty.

However, if you are tech-savvy, please do not fix on your own. Of course, you could buy a screen and perform the replacement yourself. But, this is not going to be your best bet. You can end up messing the device where the repairs cannot be reversed. You will have no choice than buying a new one.

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