How to Find the Right Floral Arrangement


Flowers have become a part of our lives. In fact, there is no celebration without flowers. Be it weddings, memorial services, anniversaries, or any occasion, flowers complement the mood of the occasion. There are flowers that are valued for what they symbolize. While a red rose is given to express a passionate love, a pink carnation is given to convey a sense of gratitude.

Selecting the right floral arrangement for an occasion is important, and it is never easy without the assistance of a Baltimore florist. Here are a few tips from the Baltimore florist to choose the right floral arrangement:-


Each anniversary has a specific flower that is associated with it.

5th anniversary – Daisy

10th anniversary – Daffodil

15thanniversary – Rose

20th anniversary – Aster

25th anniversary – Iris

30th anniversary – Lily

Avoid giving yellow blooms for your anniversary as they symbolize friendship. However, if your partner loves yellow flowers, you are good to go.


When it comes to a birthday, it is an excellent idea to give someone a bouquet that includes flowers that represent their birth month. Roses are also appropriate if it is your significant other. For friends, yellow blooms are the best. Yellow gerbera are appropriate in birthday bouquets as yellow is the color of friendship. It is going that extra mile that turns the gift into a priceless gesture full of love.


Sympathy flowers are not just sent to the funeral but also sent to the homes of grieving family members to show your concern over the loss. White lilies and daisies are a great choice for sympathy flowers. Pink roses can also be sent through flower delivery Baltimore service. However, you should also respect the wishes of the grieving if they ask for flowers not to be sent.

Thank you

When you want to thank someone, choose the person’s favorite blooms and colors. There are no specific flowers for thanking someone. However, daisies, carnations, gerbera and lilies are all appropriate flowers for gratitude bouquets. You could also pick other flowers.

Valentine’s Day

Giving flowers to your significant other on Valentine’s Day is a gesture and tradition. So, ensure you always give the right flowers Valentine’s Day. It is no wonder red roses are a perfect choice. If your girl is not fond of roses, the tulip is a great choice as it signifies love.

As you can see, there is a flower for every occasion. So, next time you visit a flower shop in Baltimore, ensure you always pick the most suitable floral arrangement so that the recipient is pleased with your gesture of love and care.

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