How to Encourage Your Child to Read More – 4 Tips

According to the experts, ages between 3 and 5 is the perfect time for kids to enhance their reading skills, with the assistance of parents and teachers of a preschool in Highgate. Constant practice is necessary for proper development of reading.

Reading activities will help your children to learn new words and enhance their vocabulary, thus making them better prepared for school. Here are some of the useful tips you can implement to efficiently develop the reading skills for your child:

Prioritise Reading Activity Everyday:

You might have several activities planned for your children, however making reading activity a priority will be one of the easiest ways to help your child get familiarised with the words. Make sure to set a schedule for reading every day and stick to it. Don’t force your child to do several activities within a particular time period, as this might be exhausting to them.

Read aloud intriguing stories that align with your child’s interest. This not just help them to learn new words, but improves their storytelling capabilities too. A preschool near me makes reading a must for every child.

Get the Family Involved Whenever Possible:

Another way to make your child feel excited for the activity is to have your family involved in it. Older children can help younger kids with reading, which not just paves the way in augmenting the kids’ reading skills, but also in developing a stronger relationship between siblings.

If your child is interested in a movie that is adapted from books, you can read those books together and maybe have a discussion about the differences in the storyline in the book and the movie. This stimulates a sense of curiosity and interest in your child to read even more.

Reading is Not Supposed to be Boring:

Reading is not supposed to be a chore for kids. You have to find ways to make reading enticing for your children. For instance, when you are trying to cook a new dish in the kitchen, you can ask your child to help you out in reading the recipe.

Find similar opportunities and encourage your children to read and learn more. Leaps and Bounds Preschool in Highgate execute the right techniques that encourage children to read more.

Consider Your Child’s Interest:

Your kids might be interested in a specific title or story. Ask them what interests them, and then choose books that are relevant to the same. Reading about something that they are like will motivate your child to develop the reading skills and critical thinking skills as well.

Besides taking the effort as a parent to nurture the reading skills in your children, the teachers at a leading preschool near me will also be committed to help your child improve their reading.

The author is a teacher working at a preschool in Highgate with an experience of over 4 years. She provides some useful tips for parents to help kids develop their reading ability, in this write-up. For more details, visit

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