Facebook is the first highly popular social media platform in the world. Billions of users around the world use Facebook, but a huge number of users have given up from it already. It is because there are many better social media platforms available right now. A lot of people believe that instead of spending time on Facebook, they should use other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. All these three social media platforms are also popular, but the purpose and way of using these platforms are a bit different. Twitter is mostly used for news and memes, while the Reddit is filled with trending content. Instagram is owned by Facebook but a huge number of people prefer to use it more than Facebook.

So if anyone doesn’t want to continue with their Facebook account, they can delete it. Before deleting a Facebook account, users need to download their personal information from the Facebook account. Once the Facebook account is deleted, no one can find it or view its pictures, videos or other content. A Facebook account contains user information like chat history, active sessions, photos, IP address, clicked ads, facial recognition data, and active sessions. So if any user wants to keep this information, they’ll have open their Facebook account on the web and go to:

  • Tap on the down arrow on the top right side.
  • Press Settings & Privacy>Settings.
  • On the left side, press on Your Facebook Information.
  • Tap on Download Your Information option.
  • Users can choose which data they want to download. Users can also download their data in between JSON or HTML, and select its quality between low, medium and high.
  • Once choosing your preferred option, press Create File.
  • Once the file is ready, users will receive an email.

After downloading all important data, users can delete their account. Remember once the Facebook account is deleted, it will be impossible to recover it back.

Delete Facebook Account 

  • To delete the Facebook account, users must head to Your Facebook Information tab and press on Deactivation and Deletion.
  • In the following tab, users can choose whether they want to permanently delete or temporarily deactivate their account.
  • Press Delete Account option to delete the account.
  • Press Delete Account once again to put the account in termination.

After confirming the Delete Account request, the Facebook account termination takes a few days. If anyone login their account during that period, their deletion Facebook account request will get cancelled. So after confirming the deletion of Facebook account, make sure not to login again, otherwise, users will have to request again.


Facebook is used by billions of people in the world. Users can upload a variety of items on Facebook like personal images, videos, and business details. Users can also create groups and pages to make a huge community. If anyone has decided to quit Facebook, they can try out other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.


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