How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Your ideal wedding will have beautiful floral arrangements. It’s the flowers that help to set the tone of the event, carry the theme, and create a beautiful setting to capture those special moments. Choosing the right flowers is the key to bring your floral desires to life. However, with different types and shades of flowers, it may be challenging to find the right flowers for the wedding and ceremony. This is where the assistance of the wedding florist in London Ontario is invaluable as they can help you choose the right flowers that reflect your style, theme, and personality.

Here are a few tips shared by our wedding florist:-

Consider the Budget

Believe it or not, you may end up spending more on wedding flowers if you don’t set a budget. Most couples spend about 8% of their wedding budget on floral bouquets and arrangements. However, you can choose to spend more or less depending on the look you want, and your preferred flowers. Set a budget range before heading to the flower shops in London Ontario.

Hire a Wedding Florist

Some couples choose to purchase flowers on their own in order to save a few dollars. But, the fact is, hiring a professional florist will help you save precious time, and give your wedding a much more beautiful look. Yes, a wedding florist will know how to decorate a venue cost-effectively and tastefully. They will also handle delivery to the church and reception, reducing your stress on the big day.

Consider the Venue

You have to ensure that the wedding flowers complement the wedding venue. After all the trouble you have gone through to find a unique wedding venue, make sure the floral décor matches. Be it rustic, elegant, or some other, tell your florist the style of the venue.

Go For Seasonal Flowers

It is a good idea to consider the time of the year in which you are getting married and which flowers will be in season. Seasonal flowers are budget-friendly as they are easy to source. Besides, seasonal flowers are naturally beautiful and can set the mood of the event.

Bring Meaning into Your Flowers

Personalize your flowers, right from bouquet wraps to symbolic items. Use your grandmother’s handkerchief, your aunt’s necklace, your great-grandmother’s Bible, for example.

Consider the Size

Follow your florist’s advice to ensure your wedding bouquet is not too big or too small. You should show them a photo of your gown during the consultation.

Stick To the Colour Scheme

Let the florist know the colour scheme so that they’ll be able to recommend the right flowers. Ideally, you won’t consult with the florist until you have chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses. You shouldn’t match the blooms exactly to the dresses. However, they should complement them.

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