How to Choose Socks for Your Baby

For babies who can’t walk, the body temperature regulation function is not yet mature, the ability to generate heat is small, and the heat dissipation capacity is relatively large, coupled with a relatively large body surface area, it is easier to dissipate heat. When the ambient temperature is slightly lower, the baby’s feet are easy to get cold. If mothers put on the wholesale baby socks, it can play a certain role in keeping warm, avoid catching cold, and the baby will feel comfortable.

  1. The Choice of Fabric

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    The baby’s socks are still made of pure cotton, but there is no 100% cotton at present, so the higher the cotton content, the better. When choosing, look at the label. Generally, the cotton content is more than 65%.

  2. The Choice of Sizes

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    Don’t buy small socks for your child. It doesn’t matter if they are a little bigger, they will last longer. Although you cannot try on socks, you can use socks to measure the size of your baby’s feet.

  3. Choice of Thickness

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    When buying socks for your baby, you should buy less thick socks. After all, you should wear them for a short time. The main reason is to buy socks of moderate thickness. Such socks can be worn in spring, summer and autumn.

  4. Choice of Style

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    Baby’s socks include floor socks, boat socks, thin stockings, etc. You can choose according to the environment you are wearing. If you have carpets at home, you can buy floor socks for your babies. They don’t need to wear shoes. Boat socks are worn by smaller babies.

  5. Choose Socks with Proper Elasticity

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    The baby’s skin is more delicate. When choosing socks, you should look at whether the tightness of the socks is suitable. It is best to choose tightness without creases that will not bind your baby’s ankles.

After reading this article, as a mother, do you know better about the choice of children’s socks? Come and buy in our Kiskissing store!



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