How to Block And Unblock Senders in Mail on Mac

Using Mail on Mac is completely straightforward, but getting unwanted emails can frustrate anyone. The majority of the time, promotional emails or unwanted emails from the company or the individual person create problems.

The in-built Mail app on macOS comes with a great feature of blocking the sender. The great thing about it is that blocking someone doesn’t just prevent email from showing in the inbox, but it also hides its notification. Users can also set up the blocked emails to automatically transfer to trash. So if anyone wants to access the following feature, here’s what they have to do in their macOS.

Steps for Blocking and Unblocking Email Senders and Addresses on Mac

Fortunately, blocking the sender’s email address is quite straightforward on Mac. However, if the sender’s email address is not available in Mac contacts, then users must add it to their contacts first, and then they can block the sender.

  • Open Mail app on Mac.
  • On the active window of Mail, click on the File option.
  • Press the Preferences in the dropdown menu.
  • Now a new window will appear that will open the General settings of the Mail app.
  • Press the Junk Mail in the menu.
  • Press the Blocked section and hit the + icon on the screen.
  • Now the added contacts will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the contacts that you want to block and their linked email address.
  • To unblock the email address, choose the blocked contacts from the list and press the – icon.

So by following these steps, users can block and unblock the email address of the sender. The emails of the blocked sender remain in the inbox tab, but users can manually transfer those emails to trash. The good thing about blocking a sender is that their email does not notify the user in any way. After opening the inbox section, users can mark those emails and send them to the trash to remove them from the inbox. To keep the inbox clean it is also necessary to remove the emails from the blocked sender. The blocked sender remains in the blocked list until the user removes the sender from the block list.


Blocking an unknown or unwanted email address can keep the inbox clean. Blocking an email address and sending the email to the junk box is also a simple procedure. Emails of blocked senders look similar to other emails, which is why users have to mark them in the group or individually to send them to the junk box. 

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