How to avoid cramped up feel in your Small Bathroom?

The more your bathroom looks and feels bigger, the better is the space. Unlike bigger bathrooms that offer so many opportunities to play with space, it does not get so easy with a small bathroom. However, just because you have a small bathroom, it does not mean you cannot make it functional, clutter-free, and cosy, which are some of the greatest challenges with small bathroom spaces. Knowing how to fit everything together in the available space, finding the right fixtures, and using our tips will give you a bathroom that is uncluttered, inspired, and perfect for your needs.

Add the towel rack to the doors:

Finding a place to hang your towels can be a big problem when you are pushed for space in a small bathroom. Here is a pro tip for you. You can save space by attaching one or more towel bars to your bathroom door or glass shower door, making the towels easy to grab after a shower, and not taking up any wall space. Ensure you store the main bulk of travels in a closet elsewhere and keep only those you use regularly in the bathroom.

Install floating vanity or through sink:

For small spaces, a floating vanity is perfect as it can be attached to the wall, leaving the space underneath free, making the bathroom look larger. You can install a stylish bowl sink on top of the units, a standard under-mounted sink, or a modern sink. These things are all the rage right now, and they give a minimalist, clean style to small bathroom spaces. These are excellent space-saving solutions. You can also add some additional storage under the vanity or simply leave the space free for easy cleaning.

Install an over shower bath:

If you want to have both a shower and a bath in your bathroom, the space is limited, then during small bathroom renovations Sydney, combine the two and attach your shower hose over the bath. Talk to professionals who offer best bathroom renovations in Sydney, and they will come out with a practical and workable solution to your problems.

Fewer design transition:

The fewer the designs and patterns in the bathroom, the larger it will look. You can also save o small bathroom renovations cost. From the patterns and shapes used and their placement, you should make the visual transition as uniform as possible, leading into one another. While the tiles and walls can have different patterns, make sure they have cohesion instead of contrast.

Work on the lighting:

Get creative with the lighting in your bathroom to avoid a cramped-up feel. A well-lit bathroom will look spacious, and you can get luxurious with the designs and where you place them. It is also significant to make sure some natural light enters the bathroom for both a spacious feel and freshness.

The author is a Sydney-based bathroom renovation specialist. With a team of professionals, he offers a range of bathroom packages that makes bathroom remodelling an easy and seamless process. For small bathroom renovations in Sydney, visit

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