How Strength Training is Effective in Improving Your Overall Health?

If you have been looking to lose weight or up your fitness level, chances are you probably might not know strength training is helpful for the same. Perhaps, you might have been recommended to perform cardio workouts several times to reach your fitness goals.

While cardio is proven to be effective, a lot of people do not know that strength training works too, as they believe it is only meant to develop good physique. Curious to know how strength training improves your overall health? Here’s what the experts at a Castle Hill gym have got to say:

More Calorie Burn & Metabolism Boost:

According to studies, cardio exercises will prevent muscle loss, whereas weight training will promote burning of fat. this indicates that strength training is great for boosting weight loss in Castle Hill.

With cardio exercise, your body will lose weight only when you are working out. Strength training, on the other hand, burns calories both during and after workout, whilst improving metabolism!

Lose Weight while Retaining Muscle:

When you don’t consume sufficient food, it results in less calorie intake. What happens next is that your body will start taking energy from its reserves, namely fat and muscle. As you perform strength training, your body will be forced to draw the necessary calories only from fat and retain muscles at the same time.

Strength Training is Safe for All:

A lot of people believe that strength training is effective only for younger people. According to the experts at a Castle Hill gym, people of any age can reap the benefits that strength training has to offer.

Regular strength training results in improved bone density, better balance, flexibility, and core strength. Strength training can also increase your stamina. If you’ve got a fitness goal in mind, be sure that strength training will work for you, regardless of how old you are.

Health Benefits for the Long Term:

When you practice strength training in Castle Hill, it helps in preventing various conditions and diseases such as obesity, depression, heart diseases, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Strength training keeps you strong and reduces the chances of injuries as well.

Other Great Health Benefits:

Strength training generally keeps you healthy on a daily basis, as it improves posture, enhances sleep quality, and reduces pain. Training your body also improves blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy. For those looking to lose weight, strength training is a healthy way to do so.

From all the benefits mentioned above, it is evident how strength training can widely contribute towards making your overall health better in many ways. Get in touch with a certified personal trainer to learn and practice the right techniques of strength training. Your body will thank you for it!

The author is working in a recognised Castle Hill gym for over 4 years. In this article, she explains the great health benefits of strength training. For more details, visit

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