How Much Does it Cost to Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants?

When compared to other teeth restorations, dental implant cost in Sydney is higher for good reasons. But, they are not expensive. Modern dental technologies and techniques have not only made dental implants minimally invasive but also affordable as well. When you consider the return on the investment that you will get from a healthy, functional and beautiful smile, the price is justified.

First of all, you must understand that dental implants are not a single piece of equipment and it is not a single procedure. The materials and tools that help to restore teeth are of incredible quality and cost a lot to make.

What exactly goes into dental implants cost?

A lot of factors influence cost of dental implants in Sydney. When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, dental implants is the right choice. But, many avoid it due to the cost of teeth implants. Patients must understand the fact that dental implants are not a single piece of equipment and consists of three parts such as implant, abutment, and crown (replacement teeth).

Each piece is designed and customised to match a patient’s mouth structure and colour of surrounding teeth. A lot of hard work and tedious process is involved in designing an implant which is they are able to provide plethora of benefits than dentures and bridges.

The cheap dental implants in Sydney quote will include the following:

-Initial planning

-The implant placement surgery

-Restoring the crown at the top of implants

-The dental implant components

-Number of implants

-Additional procedures like bone grafting and tooth extraction


-The material

-The time of the dentist and other technicians

You will be provided with a full treatment plan including all the options which also gives you the cost of dental implants during the initial consultation. Also, they plan the best type of restoration to have on the top of the implant.

The titanium is shaped into a screw shaped structure to replace the root of the lost tooth. The cost of the material may not be high but the process of crafting and refining is. All implants require an artificial tooth to be placed on the top of implant and it should be matched with other teeth.

Though the material used for making the crown is not higher, the process of moulding the crown to create a 3D model will raise the implants price.

These are the reasons why dental implants prices is higher than dentures and bridges. Do not let cost dictate your choice. Choose what is good for your oral health.

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