How Lighting affects Paint Colour and why does it matter so much?

Painting your house is a great way to change the ambiance of your living space but choosing the right colour can be tricky. Understanding how lighting can affect the paint colour is an important consideration to ensure you get the best end result. When choosing paint colours for your walls, it is vital to consider one variable; how the paint colour will change as light hits it. We know it is confusing so let’s consider the following example Say you have a new pair of socks only to discover later, under different lighting, that the colour you see now is completely different to what you saw in the shop. In technical terms, this phenomenon is called ’illuminant metamerism’.

Simply put this term means that colours tend to take different hues when seen under different lighting. Illuminant metamerism is not a big deal when it comes to finding your socks but when it comes to painting your home it matters a lot because the new shade you fall in love at the paint store may not look as great as you expected on your living room wall. Or conversely it can add little too much pop and look fantastic in your living room. Sounds tricky right?

Moreover, wall colour can also vary throughout the day as light condition changes from morning to night. So, by knowing how lighting can affect the paint colour you can make an educated choice on the right choice of paint colour. Here are some tips from professional Painters Edgecliff to help you find the right colour for your walls.

How sunlight affects paint colour?

Sunlight that streams through your window displays the truest representation of colours, for better or for worse. That is why colours often appear different on your walls than they do under the fluorescent bulbs in the paint store. When choosing a paint colour for your walls, consider the number of windows, window size as well as their directional placements.

South facing windows usually get more intense natural light. Shades of white and pale colours may look faded or dull. On the other hand, dark colours done by house painters Edgecliff might appear bright.

Rooms with north facing windows, contrary to the first point, get more indirect natural light infusing the space with soft, warm tones that remain more consistent throughout the day. Light colours might look slightly muted in these rooms whereas dark colours appear darker.

Windows facing east may flood your room with lots of natural light in the morning whereas, make the room dark late in the day. Darker colours will appear bright and intense in the morning light but, might have a dreary effect as the morning light fades off.

Conversely, west facing rooms will look darker in the morning and are bathed with golden orange yellow tones in the late afternoon. Red and yellow colours might become overwhelming in sunny and bright day.

Every home has its unique lighting pattern which can affect the interior colours. So be wise and choose the right colour for your house. Above all, for the perfect finish, call only professional Painters Edgecliff.

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