How Do You Take Care Of Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign treatment is an excellent alternative for the patients who are looking to straighten their teeth, without using the uncomfortable traditional metal braces. Moreover, it is a discreet and effective approach to gain the perfect smile. To get the maximum results from your Invisalign Sydney treatment, it is essential that you carefully stick to your dentist’s advices. Here are a few Tips from the experts in Invisalign Sydney that would help you make the most out of this innovative equipment –

• Keep your Aligners Clean – You must keep both your mouth and the aligners clean. As aligners in your mouth becomes a hiding spot for the food particles. These debris, sit for long in your mouth and cause many oral problems like cavities, teeth discoloration, bad breath etc. When you keep your teeth in its best condition, it will also make the braces appear clean and clear every time.

• Keep Track of Your Treatment Plan – Make sure to visit your dentist at the specified intervals of your treatment plan. Only then your dentist will be able to change the trays to help move your teeth and retain it at a manageable pace to get the desired results. So note it down in your planner or fix a reminder in your phone to follow your treatment plan in an appropriate way and to make the most of the Invisalign price Sydney.

• Try New Aligners at Night – When you try on a new set of aligners, it is sure to put a pressure on your teeth. This pressure might often result in some sort of soreness and discomfort, which actually means that your best price Invisalign are working and your teeth is gradually shifting to its correct position. You can follow this psychological trick to minimise the pain – to wait until bedtime, when you have to put on the new aligners.

• Wear them at least 22 Hours per Day – For the Invisalign trays to work, you have to wear them at least 22 hours in a day. Remove your aligners only when you eat or clean your teeth or for any practical necessities. Some patients might feel insecure about their appearance and remove the aligners quite often, but it is not advised to do so. Invisalign treatment is all about clear aligners that fit around your teeth tightly. So, you don’t have to remove them frequently for the sake of our social image.

• Keep a check on your Diet – You will have to keep a check on your diet when you are with your aligners. You must avoid consuming a lot of snacks, as it might require you to remove your aligners and put them back. So, to satiate your diet needs, you must drink protein shakes regularly. Moreover, you must drink a lot of water, to excessively salivate the aligners.

Invisalign treatment might not seem comfortable at the beginning, but the results are definitely worth the waiting. So, follow these tips to make the most of your aligners.

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