How Do You Promote Student Growth Through Virtual Classroom?

COVID 19 has brought a sudden shift of many classrooms into a virtual setting. Many teachers are adapting to the instructions promptly and are teaching online, probably for the first time. It can be frustrating at times to help the students to adapt to this new approach. But this situation can be evaded by creating an engaging environment during online learning with the following insights –

Use Relevant Course Material

There are best teacher resources available online, including many authentic course materials to boost the learning experience. It can be anything from real time examples, cases, authentic sources and hypothetical design. The students can be asked to analyse and understand the materials, as timely content can enhance the critical thinking and engagement. For example, a history teacher can make use of Australian Government Task Cards, Australian Government Worksheets, and British Settlement & Indigenous Australians etc.

Use Multimedia Resources

Providing interactive contents like video, audio and text can make learning more interesting and engaging. It is indeed important to offer the material in mixed formats, as one size doesn’t fit everyone. There could be students who might struggle with reading problems, attention problems or even problems with hearing. So, a mix of approaches might be the best way to engage the students with the program.

Give Detailed Schedules

Most students, parents and teachers are using the online applications for the first time, arousing anxiety. As you know, every student has different lifestyle and learning capabilities. So, to avoid anxiety, teachers must prepare the resources for teaching in advance like – worksheets, task sheets etc. and give the students and parents ahead of class to organise both physically and emotionally.

Encourage Student Collaboration

Create a discussion board for the students to encourage sharing of ideas. You can create weekly lesson plans and share with the students, so that they can respond to the questions on the discussion board. It is also good to encourage the students to read and offer their comments on other students work. This will allow the students to collaborate better in small groups.

Offer Individualised Support and Feedback

Teachers must be ready to help students with individual support and feedback. Students, who require extra support in learning, can be offered a personalised coaching over the phone or through web conferencing. Activities like quizzes, podcasts, and discussions can be carried out to help understand the reflection of teaching on the students. Ask the students what subject they found most challenging or interesting. This will help you design your teaching session better with the teacher resources Australia. Also, be available for the questions from students, help them with the project and be a good listener.

Situations are not the same right now for anyone, everything has transformed. Thus, be it classroom or training online each student has to be administered with care and the best resources to promote the growth of students.

The author is an experienced teacher, who makes use of the best resources for teaching. Visit for more details.

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