How Do You Plan A Menu For A Dinner Party?

Are you looking to host a great dinner party? Well, hosting a dinner party doesn’t have to be a stressful affair anymore. Take it easy and don’t sweat over this small stuff. Your preparation for the dinner party can be easy and fun when you work with a harringtons bar and grill restaurant. You can find great menu designs that could best enhance the dining experience and offer satisfying choices for the guests.

Here are a few menu tips to help you have a great dinner party –

– Fix on the Party Theme

Decide on the theme and tone of the party. If you are either going to host a casual, French, elegant or Mexican type. You can fix the menu based on your theme.

– The Party Setting

What is you party setting – plated or buffet? Will your guest be standing or sitting? Consider all these factors in mind. Don’t serve any dish that will make eating complicated. Nobody wants to slice a piece of steak with plate balanced on their hand. The rule is simple, if people are not sitting at the table, serve food that requires only the fork.

– Glance Through The Menu

Most restaurants actually have a trick on their menu card. The upper right hand corner usually consists of their profit items there. Most customers will be drawn by this sweet spot and they look no further. However, it is highly recommended to go through the entire menu, and start reading from the top left corner of the menu card.

– Fixing on the Dinner Menu

Make sure to include the following to your dinner menu –

– Appetisers – You even opt for two simple starters, which are light. It can be even a bowl of nuts or chips.

– Main Dish – If you are organising with a harrington bar & restaurant, you get to choose from various options like – Twice cooked lamb shoulder with thai eggplant, zucchini & caponata sauce or Pan fried ocean trout with speck, spinach, green peas, mint & lemon or even Pork Belly with cauliflower puree, creamy mustard mash & pickled radish.

– Two types of Side dishes – There are various options like Garden green salad & house dressing, Steamed local greens & lemon oil, Thick cut chips & roasted garlic aioli, Classic mash potato & confit garlic and Roasted Japanese pumpkin & olives to choose from.

– Bread – You can order from bread varieties like – Garlic, brown or normal bread.

– Dessert – This is one of the most important parts of the menu. You can pick anything from Sticky date & pecan pudding , Gelato & sorbet , Passion fruit tart, Chocolate marquise etc.,

But before you plan your menu ask your guests in advance if they have any dietary restrictions. Consider this every time when you plan your dinner party menu. Hopefully, this article will help you to organise your dinner party menu better. But, if you are looking for more inspirational cuisines, you can always search the internet for bar and grill near me, where you can find various menus offered by restaurants, that will help with planning your dinner party menu!

The author works for a harringtons bar and grill restaurant. He is also a blogger who writes on various menu plans for different types of events. Visit for more details.

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