How Do You Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Everyone dreams of having a spacious bathroom with various features like bathtub, shower, cabinet, lighting, dual sinks etc. Actually you can make this dream come to live by opting for small bathroom renovations designed by the experts and gain a spacious look. It might seem a bit complicated to redesign and renovate the bathroom, but here are a few tips from the specialists in bathroom showrooms Sydney

– Follow the Same Colour Tone – When you maintain everything of the same colour tome, it will add great value to your property. When you have contrast colours, it will visually make the bathroom appear smaller. Still, if you prefer to include some contrast colour, you can incorporate it in the form of bathroom fixtures.

– Prevent Patterned Wallpaper – If you are a jazzy type, you might be thinking about adding patterned wall paper to your bathroom walls. In case, if your aim is to make a small bathroom look spacious, you must stay away from such designs. This patterned wallpaper causes the bathroom to appear even smaller.

– Use Large Mirror –Mirrors reflect the light back into the room, and helps create an illusion to make your bathroom look spacious. If your bathroom already has a mirror, increase its size. Also, using frameless mirrors will create a feeling of more space. Use tarnish-resistant coating on the mirror to guard it against the moisture conditions.

– Try Open-Concept Shower – If you are living in a small bathroom, you can avoid installing bathtub and opt for an open-concept shower. After you remove the tub, the bathroom will look much bigger. By foregoing the door within the bathroom, you can make the room feel less congested. Using this concept during the bathroom renovations Sydney, will make the bathroom look aesthetically pleasing and functional.

– Raise the Ceiling – The most excellent way to create the illusion of more space in your small bathroom is to increase the ceiling of your bathroom. You can fix this bysetting up crown mouldingover the ceiling and get that painted in the same colour as that of the ceiling.

– Use Built-in Shelves – Most people have wasted the bathroom space beyond the walls. So, if you want the bathroom to look spacious, install built-in shelveswithin the walls rather than popping out as a separatepiece of furniture. The next time when you are looking out for bathroom renovations Sydney, keep this idea in mind!

– Install Wall-Hung Toilet – When there is limited space in the bathroom, installing a wall-hung toilet is a great way to make it appear spacious. Even if you will not be able to utilise the area under the hanging toilet, it will create the illusion of space.

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