How Do You Know If You Have A Wisdom Tooth Infection?

Anyone who has suffered the throbbing pain from wisdom tooth infection will tell you that it is best to avoid this situation by opting for an affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney. This is because the pain associated with wisdom tooth infection is extreme and should be treated immediately to avoid any further complications. The wisdom teeth usually emerge in a person’s late teens or during their early 20s. In some, it develops later in life, or doesn’t erupt at all. The important thing to remember is, a person’s mouth is not large enough to accommodate all the four wisdom teeth. Due to this, the wisdom teeth usually erupt at angles, disturbing the neighbouring teeth and partially breaking out above the gumline. All these issues increase the chances of the wisdom tooth becoming infected.

Keep reading to understand the causes and symptoms of a wisdom tooth infection and why it is important to undergo the best wisdom teeth removal Sydney process –

Causes of Wisdom Teeth Infection

– Wisdom teeth are located at the backside of the mouth, which is one of the primary causes of infection.

– Since they are located at the back, the teeth are hard to reach with toothbrush and floss. Meaning, they are often neglected, and do not undergo a proper clean-up. There are many chances of debris getting accumulated between the teeth, fostering the growth of bacteria.

– In some cases, the wisdom tooth does not erupt fully. If this happens, the partially covered flap over the tooth also traps the food debris and paves way for the growth of plaque and bacteria, ultimately resulting in tooth infection.

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Infection

The following are the most common symptoms, that calls for an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney immediately –

– Discomfort or pain around the tooth

– Soreness in the jaw area or on the same side of the face

– Swelling of the gums or redness around the tooth gums

– Difficulty in chewing foods

– Stinking bad breath

– Hard to open up the mouth

– The lymph glands are swollen

– Fever

– Yellow or white discharge from the wisdom tooth extraction site

Treatment Options for Wisdom Tooth Infection

There are a number of treatment options available to treat wisdom teeth infection. Supposing, if your wisdom teeth doesn’t cause any problem, your dentist would probably leave as it is, and watch them over time. But, if it causes problem, your oral surgeon might offer pain relievers or antibiotics to cure the infection. He might also advice frequent rinses with mouthwashes or salt water. After the infection is cured, your dental surgeon will recommend a wisdom tooth extraction for the best relief!

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