How Do You Create a Link Building Strategy through Content Marketing

With the evolving algorithms Search engines make sure to provide the highest-quality content for the search queries of the users. Yes, nowadays quality link building is not only important to scale up the ranks, but it also ensures that your content is trustworthy. A research suggests that about 86% of B2C companies and nearly 91% of the B2B organizations make use of content marketing. This demonstrates that failing to invest in content marketing puts you at the risk of being behind your competitors.

Here are some strategic SEO content marketing tips, as suggested by the Local SEO NYC experts –

– Guest Blogging – Also known as guest posting, it involves the activity of writing content for the website of another company. This content marketing strategy has been deployed by most SEO consultant NYC. They write for similar type of blogs within their industry. If you have a clear cut approach, you can produce a lot of high quality backlinks with this method, attract more traffic, enhance the domain authority, upsurge the credibility for the brand and build connections with other peers in the industry. According to the local SEO NYC experts, creating contents in alliance with the audience preference will have a greater impact, and there are many chances that your customers will get associated with it.

– Infographics – A psychological fact states that, people tend to remember the things they see, rather than what they read. Hence, infographics becomes an effective content strategy, as it is a pictorial representation of information. They incessantly generate organic traffic, offering quality links. All you need to have is a good concept and the best graphic designer from a local SEO NYC to make the infographic for you.

– Leveraging the use of Social Media – Having your contents on social media, gives the proof to your users that your brand can be trusted, and are like to get associated with it. If your business is still not active on social media, you are likely to cause damage to your brand. So, always keep your profile active by sharing updates about your business, images, and sharing new posts from time to time. The experts at internet marketing agency New York says that staying active on social media helps create engagement with the customers easily, thereby offering you a chance to reach a larger set of audience.

– Improve the Broken Links – Analyze the blogs, with dead or broken links, and make a request to the webmaster to restore the links. After the recovery, you can make use of this high-value page to acquire the search engine optimization juice and quality links back to your website.

The author is an expert in local SEO NYC with over 7 years of experience. He is also an avid blogger who offers various digital marketing tips in his blog. Visit for more details.

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