How Do You Clean A Shaving Brush After Use?

No one wants to shave with a dirty and stinking brush. Whether you are using a badger, boar bristle, fibre or synthetic brush, a simple cleaning can extend the life of your shaving hardware and keep your skin clear and healthy. If you are of the assumption that all the soap lather on your shaving brush would simply go off with a gentle rinse, then you might be probably wrong. Overtime, it is sure to build up residue and bacteria. It would take only a few minutes to clean-up your brush. So, take the time to give your shaving brush a little care with these suggestions –

Cleansing Process

Run your brush under warm water and massage over the bristles gently with the tip of your fingers. Make sure that the water runs clear without any residue or soap. Most people often stop with this step, as it is the easiest cleaning process after using it. In case, if you neglect cleansing it, your brush sits in the air and dries along with the soap on it, which creates a stiff and hard to remove residue.


For this process, you need to prepare a mild acidic solution. Though many solutions are available in the store, there are many solution recipes which you can try it out at home with the basic household products. A few household acids which you can make it at home are – Apple Cider Vinegar, White Vinegar, and Juice of Lemon. You would probably require only a few drops of these household acids. Mix anyone of these acids with distilled water and soak the brush in it for about 10 minutes. This process will help eliminate all the mild acidic solution that is sticking on to your shave brush, which was not removed in the first place.


Scrubbing is another important process which should be followed after soaking the shaving brush. For this, pour warm water into a bowl and mix mild soap detergent into it. But make sure to use only a mild soap, as harsh detergents could damage even the best shaving brush. Wet the brush in this water and swirl it on the surface of the soap. You must repeat this until all the soapsuds comes out. It can take a few minutes, but be patient and work your hands on the bristles gently to remove any scum or debris on the bristles.

Rinse Out

Rinse the brush under warm water until the remaining soap goes off. At this step, your brush is clean and ready to dry. Allow enough airflow into the brush for drying.

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