How Do You Calm An Elderly Person With Anxiety?

Usually everyone is so focussed on the physical health of the elderly that we forget to pay attention to their mental health. According to various researches, additionally being at high risk population for COVID-19, the elderly are at increased anxiety and stress. This could probably be due to the limited agility and missing out of social life. Hence it is vital to pay due attention to them at this phase, or it could worsen the health conditions. Here are some tips from the professionals at Sydney Home Care that will help you take due care of the seniors agonising from anxiety.

Psychiatric Evaluation

To get the right treatment for anxiety and depression, the elderly must be evaluated by the psychiatrist, and necessary diagnostics on abilities and deficits will be formulated. Also, the psychiatrist will help the elderly and the family members understand about the condition and provide necessary therapeutic or therapeutic as per requirement. Hence, it is essential to take the senior for regular check-ups and help them ease stress and anxiety.

Social Support

Some seniors might have recently lost their spouse or moved away to a new place from where they had a great social circle, or might have been limited by physical conditions. This sense of loneliness can lead to anxiety. Therefore one good thing that you can do for your loved one that is struggling from anxiety is to ensure that they get a connection of social support or a friendly private home care, when you are not around. It will prove to be a great cause of relief to them that someone is available to listen and provide a pleasant socialisation.

Calming Routines

The seniors with dementia often suffer from anxiety, as they forget things more often which leads to panic. If your loved elderly family member is suffering from dementia, one best way to relieve them off their stress is to deploy a steady routine in their lives with the support of a professional home care for elderly. A routine could eliminate surprises and offer an expected daily schedule, which might ward off anxious feelings.

Avail In-Home Nursing Care Services

In case, if you live away from your elderly family member, and are not able to take care of the elderly in their depression state, you can opt for private home care services. They would offer a trusted nursing care service, even for the senior citizens with special needs. Also, they are trained and are capable of managing patients in need of palliative care under a doctor’s supervision.

Don’t let your aging loved one travel through their anxiety alone. Depression and anxiety in seniors can be tackled with good care and help from the experts!

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