How do Windscreens get Cracked or Chipped?

It is a lesser-known fact that the car’s windshield plays a crucial role in the safety of the driver and fellow passenger. It accounts for 34% of your car’s structural stability, and an appropriately fitted windshield is vital for the proper deployment of airbags. Also, the windscreen is designed to protect the occupants from the different elements like dust, debris, etc. down the road. However, windscreen damage is inevitable at some point during the life of your car. You don’t have to worry if your cars windscreen is damaged because some professionals can handle windscreen replacement Sydney.

Since prevention is better than cure, in this article, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for windscreen damage, including scratches, cracks, and chips and also some ways to avoid it.

How do Windscreens get Cracked or Chipped?

A high-quality windshield is surprisingly sturdy, but they are made of glass, so it is prone to damages. Here are some common reasons why windscreens may get cracked or chipped:

Road debris:

Pebbles, rocks, gravel, and stones that are thrown up by other car tyres are among the most common culprits behind windscreen damages. These small, yet hard projectiles travel at high speed and can easily impact your windshield and cause the car glass to crack or chip. Even though there is not much you can do to avoid getting hit by these random stones, leaving sufficient space between your car and the one in front, will minimise the chances of these unfortunate happenings. As a rule of thumb, slow down your car if another vehicle is overtaking. Also, take extra care while driving on gravel or in areas under construction.

Moreover, if you see some cracks in your car glass, before planning a trip, get car windscreen replacement in Sydney. That’s because usually, the cracked windscreens tend to be weak and may collapse easily when hit by a flying stone.

Sudden changes in Temperature:

A little known cause of windshield damage is the sudden change in temperature. Yes, the changing temperature can cause the car glass to expand or contract. Human error also plays a part in this. For example;

– Parking your car under in direct sunlight on a scorching day

– Using boiling water to defrost the windscreen

– Abruptly blasting the AC if the vehicle becomes very hot inside

Poor Glass Quality or Installation:

Structural weakness in the glass can also cause stress cracks in the windscreen. These fractures often initially appear around the edges of the glass. This can also result from improper installation. This is why we always suggest visiting only experienced technicians who use high-quality materials for windscreen replacements or repair.

Now that you know the common reasons behind windscreen damage, you can be more careful. Once again, despite your best efforts, if your windscreen is cracked, don’t worry; lookout for professionals who offer affordable windscreen replacement cost Sydney.

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