How Do I Make My Adwords Campaign Successful?


Google Adwords is considered to be the most effective marketing tool to effectively place the brands and services at the edge of the buyer’s journey. Actually, businesses that used Google AdWords as their marketing strategy, witnessed an average revenue of $2 for every single dollar that was invested in the campaign. There are multiple settings in Google Adwords, and the skills required to use this tool effectively for maximising the profits might be slightly overwhelming for the beginners.

Here are some basic tips to understand Google AdWords better and to enjoy a higher ROI, as narrated by an expert PPC agency in Sydney –

– Focus on the Ad Copy – The content and the images that are used on the Ad Copy play a crucial role in enticing the potential buyers. So, create different layouts and follow the progress of each ad copy separately. This will help you identify the best performing Ad copy. Adopt this ad copy across the advertising campaign. Studies have proved that, display campaigns with more natural looking images have been identified as the best performing ones rather than the random stock images on the website.

– Ad extensions – To get better ranks for the ads, the marketers must focus on the following four important elements, they are

– Site link – have a link to the website’s page that offers description about your product or service.

– Location – Experts from PPC agency Sydney say that an ad with location and map tend to appear more trustworthy and enticing.

– Call out – Stage your product promotions and offers effectively.

– Reach Out – Any buyer who clicks on the ad must be able to contact the business with a single click of a button. The experts say that customised ads with precise extensions offer more click through rates than other ads.

– Categorise the campaign based on devices – It is hard for any business to succeed without the right customers. Hence, it is vital to understand the changing needs of the potential buyers to target the Google Adwords Sydney better. The marketers must be able to clearly analyse the device usage report, and classify the traffic that is generated from the mobile and laptop users separately. A thorough analysis of this detail will help businesses to plan their investment decisions accordingly.

– Which search engine network to choose? – There are different types of search engine networks like – Bing, Opera, etc., and AdWords is not just limited to Google. It is only a starting place, as Google owns more than 70% of the search engine market share. The search engine network also provides a better knowledge on the contextual keywords, which can be used for display network.

– Handle the Negative Keywords too – At times, it might happen that your ads may appear for irrelevant user queries. To avoid this situation, the ad visibility must be enhanced to the right audience. For this, you should track down the negative keywords in Adwords Sydney. Prepare a list of negative keywords, and tune out all the inappropriate terms

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