How Do I Choose The Right Hair Colour?

Deciding the right hair colour can be daunting without considering the tones that exist within different hues. Not to mention – you have to consider which shade perfectly blends well with your skin tone. However, choosing the right hair colour is not as difficult as you think if you understand the nuances of tone, which means the difference between good hair colour and a more faltering one. Having the right hair colour enhances the way you look, which is why finding the best hair colour for your skin tone is essential.

Here are a few tips from the Dural best hair dressers on how to pick the right hair shade:-

Consider your skin tone

Finding the perfect shade starts with your skin tone. Yes, first determine your skin colour. If your skin has blue or violet undertones, you have to look for the best in royal blue, scarlet, fuchsia, and teal. Go for brown, gold, khaki, and purple if your skin is yellow or peach undertones. You will look in best in coral, periwinkle, pale pink, grey, and sea foam green if your skin has olive undertones. So, look for specific shades in your skin so that it will help you narrow down the choices.

Picture yourself

If you have a list of colours that you think might suit you, imagine yourself how you will look with that chosen shades on your hair. If you are hair salon Dural, ask hair dressers opinion as well. If it is a celebrity-inspired hair colour, match yourself with them.

Think about your age

No matter if your skin tone is cool or warm, don’t go for too blonde as it highlights wrinkles and skin imperfections. If you are young and want to try out something new and become a trendsetter on Instagram and Twitter, then go for it. Choose any colours and try it out. But, it won’t if you are aged. So, age should be one of the factors when you are deciding on a hair colour.

Seek the assistance of hair dresser

No other person could help you pick the right hair colour that suits your skin tone than the hair dressers of the hair beauty salon Dural. Yes, they can guide you better and help you pick the one that exactly matches your skin tone while enhancing your appearance.

While some shades may make you feel more like yourself, other shades may lower your self-confidence as it is not suitable for your skin tone. You may want to be blonde your entire life, but a brunette might be a suitable choice. So, don’t just fall on the colours, do your research before deciding.

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