How Do Facility Managers Support in Creating High-Performance Buildings?

Nowadays, people are focusing on improving sustainability more than ever to form high-performance buildings. Many measures have been taken to reduce the negative impact on the environment, minimise the use of water and energy, increase recycling, and checking the buildings’ effects on human health. A facilities manager has the power to implement green processes to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Improving the facilities management Sydney can seem to be a daunting task, but following these approaches will help you get started.

Analyse Sustainability Status

Analysing your facilities’ performance is essential to be aware of your current sustainability status. This can help you develop strategies for future also. For this, conduct an audit to determine if energy is wasted in any part of the facility, or if there is any particular equipment which is being used inefficiently or if there is a particular season during which the energy usage skyrockets. Moreover, you must keep in mind that if your facilities use any regulated technology or fail to switch of the power. This way ensures that you always cater to the sustainability and safety regulations.

Upgrade the Assets

Buildings that were developed earlier, were not designed with carbon footprints in mind. Only very recently the general public are becoming aware and are alarmed about the environmental- friendliness in building management. Therefore, it is necessary to update your facilities’ assets to improve the sustainability and boost the efficiency. This is also sure to lower the costs. For this, you can replace the old boilers with HVAC units, make use of modern lightings and use motion senor lighting. Also, you can consider solar or geothermal renewable energy sources.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

One of the major responsibilities of building management companies Sydney is to keep the facilities in good condition. Regrettably, many cleaning supplies contain hazardous chemicals mixed to them, this will not only affect the facilities management operations, but also puts everyone in the facility in grave danger. In this situation, making use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, could bring down the amount of toxic chemicals released into the environment.

Preventive Maintenance

Upkeep of resource is very important to ensure that the equipment functions at its best. In case if your equipment is older and not performing at its best, it could affect the sustainability. To make sure that all the equipment function at its best, regular preventative maintenance is essential. This will help avoid down time.


Recycling is a great way to create a sustainable environment. It preserves the finite resources, and avoids any wastage. This will increase the recycling practices in the facilities, and save up more, while minimising the waste dumped in landfills.

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