How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Falls In The Elderly?

Did you know, falls can be the major cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in seniors aged above 65? Yes, about 3 million seniors are hospitalised manually after a fall, more than 27,000 of whom breathe their last breath after falling. The effects of a fall can be life-threatening in older adults, and the fear of falling is also an important warning. Families play an important role in reducing this risk, fortunately here are some suggestions from the experts at aged care home care, read on and discover ways to avoid or minimise risk –

Modify the Bathrooms

Wet floors can be hazardous for older adults. As seniors age, their bones become weak and they lack the balance needed to react to avoid a fall. At times, it could even cause the senior to slip and fall to the ground. To prevent this, you can install non-slip mats and grab handles in the important areas so that they have support. In addition, replace the normal shower head with a hand nozzle, as this can be easily switched off when the temperature rises.

Focus on the Stairs

Be it inside the house or outside, stairs can cause major concerns. If the senior has a staircase at home, some precautions have to be taken. Avoid leaving anything on the stairs, as there are chances of the older adult tripping and falling down. Also, remove the carpet from the stairs and add stair treads. The professionals at residential aged care facilities recommend including handrails on both sides of the stairs.

Get the Doctor’s Advice

Discuss with the doctor the health status of the elderly patient with regard to memory problems, vision loss, bone problems, arthritis, etc., which can increase the risk of falls. How can you help lower the risk? Talk to the doctor about the patient’s fall history. Be transparent about it, as missing out any information could mean overlooking valuable fall prevention advice.

Professional Home Care Services

Getting a Home Care Sydney is the best way to keep the senior citizen safe at home. The care givers will schedule healthcare appointments, supervise exercise, remove any hazardous clutter, and provide appropriate care for the seniors. It is a crucial way of preventing falls as well as reducing concern for both the family and senior citizens.

Falls are a common reason for trips to the emergency room and extended hospital stays in senior adults, but with proper care procedures, it can be prevented!

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