How Can I Speed Up The Healing Process Of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Your dentist might recommend for a wisdom teeth removal Sydney for a number of reasons, comprising of infections, overcrowding, cavities or any other dental diseases. Don’t panic. These third molars can actually affect your oral health and result in complications. So it is wise to get them extracted through cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Though the wisdom teeth removal can take some time for the recovery process, proper care for your teeth and gums can quicken the healing process and avert any infection or gum diseases. It is normal to experience some discomfort, swelling or pain after the surgery. Here are some tips to ensure a speedy recovery after your wisdom teeth removal process –

Watch Your Diet

You can start to consume after one hour of the surgery. But, you must make sure to avoid consuming any hot foods or beverages for the first four hours, particularly until the anaesthetic effects wears off. Also, confirm that the bleeding has stopped. Clean the extracted site gently with salt water before eating. Don’t spit forcefully or sip using a straw. Furthermore avoid spicy foods, carbonated drinks, and acidic drinks during the first day. It will take some time for the tooth sockets to heal appropriately. You must also give necessary time for the stitches to settle in. So, follow soft diet and liquids for the first few weeks. You must also take care to avoid any bits of food getting lodged on the extracted site by following appropriate cleaning measures. If you are in doubt about what to eat after your dental implants treatment, check with the dentist who offered you with an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

Take Ample Rest

You might experience some pain or swelling in the extracted site. If you experience any discomfort, take the painkillers and antibiotics recommended by the dentist to ease off any discomfort. It might take about a few days to a week for the recovery, after which you can resume back to your routine. But make sure to avoid any disruptions in the mouth during the healing period.

Rinse with Salt Water

Don’t rinse your mouth during the first 24 hours. However, after 24 hours, you must make sure to rinse with warm water with salt dissolved to get rid of any food particles from the extracted site. In addition to cleaning the area, salt water will keep the bacteria off and function as a natural painkiller. Moreover, a salt water rinse will prevent any infections from developing further.

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