How Can I Safely Pack Yogurt For Lunch?

Yogurt, packed with calcium, protein, potassium and probiotics, is the perfect treat to satisfy your appetite while improving your health. It is also a versatile food as it can be served together with several toppings, including strawberries, mixed berries, crunchy granola, and even bananas. However, as much as it is perishable, yoghurt should be consumed within a couple of hours after being removed from the refrigerator, making it trickier if lunchtime is half a day away.

Yoghurt is a dairy product, so it can get spoiled quickly if not properly stored. Bacteria thrive at room temperature and yoghurt must remain refrigerated at around 4 degress. This is when a freezable Yoghurt Cooler Bags comes to the rescue.

What are freezable yoghurt bags?

Freezable yoghurt bags come with concealed ice packs that keep your food cool and safe for up to eight hours, making it easier to carry to your office or a short trip. All you need to do is place the yoghurt container inside the freezable bag and you are ready to go. The bag is light and portable so that you can take it anywhere. These types of bags hold up to a 200g container of yoghurt. There is a range of freezable cooler bag available in the market and comes in different designs and sizes. Store the freezable yoghurt bags in the freezer the night before, and they will be frozen by morning. Simply place the yoghurt container in the cooler bag when you are ready to leave. By lunchtime, you can use the yoghurt and it will be as cool as it left the fridge.

Here are a few tips for storing the yogurt properly:-

Seal it tightly

Use an airtight container to protect the yoghurt from any pungent smells. Of course, you can use the original container or tube. Ensure the lid is closed and sealed tightly, rather than using a foil seal as it will spoil the yoghurt.

Freeze the yoghurt

Freezing is one of the best ways to store your yoghurt for an extended period. You can even freeze them in separate containers and place them in the freezable cooler bags.

Use a separate bowl and spoon

Rather than eating it straight out of the container, scope some into a bowl and eat it. Whenever you use the yoghurt, use a clean spoon, so it doesn’t get spoiled. Also, avoid mixing fresh and used yoghurt. Store it separately.

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