How Can I Make My Virtual Classroom Look Attractive?

The social distancing and ‘stay home’ directives from the government, hasn’t spared anybody. Starting from every business, sports events, to educational institutions, all are closed. This has led to increasing number of ‘Webinars’ and online ‘learning’ by the educational institutions. However, teaching a class through live video conference is somewhat different than teaching in person with a room full of students. Well, does this pose a challenge or opportunity to the teachers? Never mind, there are some good approaches that can work quite well in the online environment, they are –


Always remember that you’re amazing! You are doing the best with the available resources, and you’ve learnt to adapt yourself to this virtual teaching in a short frame. So, stay determined and be gentle with yourself. In a remote classroom, one size never fits all, meaning what will work for some students might not work for others. So it is important to keep yourself at ease with the best teaching resources and maintain a positive connection with your students.

Maintain the Routine

When you work from home, you must make sure to maintain your routine, just like as you were working normally. Try to wake up at the same time as earlier, take a shower and dress up in your formal attire to make you feel great, and create a workspace that replicates your regular working environment. Also don’t miss to record your live chats and demonstrations with your students, this will help you to plan and upgrade yourself.

Switch to the Classroom Mode

To turn your virtual classroom into a real classroom you just need a few things. You can get inspiring ideas from teacher resources websites for your classroom. All you need is some back to school 2D Nets Posters and Clipart, Student Goal Templates etc. to boot to the classroom mode.

Make the Most Out of the Space and Equipment

Not everyone has an extra room in their home, to create a classroom set-up. But, it’s okay! Being a teacher, you need to be resourceful and creative. You can even get down on the floor. Students who are watching your classes will never know where the classes are taking place. Even if you don’t have access to all of your classroom essentials, don’t worry. Your home is full of things, which can help you out. Yet, you can get essentials from teaching resources Australia to help you out.

Create an Attractive Back Drop

If it were teaching in the classroom, you have various opportunities to create an engaging session for the students as possible. Well, the same rule applies for the virtual classroom too. For this, having a backdrop with posters related to various subjects, creates a positive vibe for the students. You can create a collection of incredible digital learning backgrounds to use in the teacher instruction videos.

The author is an experienced teacher, who works in a reputed school. She is also a blogger who writes on using various teaching resources and techniques in his blog. Visit for more details.

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