How Can I Improve My Child’s Vocabulary?

For your child to succeed in school and beyond, it is essential that they develop a robust vocabulary. Children learn a lot from their adults, and as parents, you could help them learn many new words. This might sound a bit challenging, but there are some easy ways which could help you build your child’s vocabulary. From reading stories aloud to engaging in simple conversations, you can help your little one pick up new words. Doing this, will help your child overcome any challenges and get prepared for the kindergarten Maylands. Here are some easy and fun ways from the educators at preschool Maylands to improve your child’s vocabulary –

Converse with Your Child Regularly

Young children are like clay, which can be moulded appropriately. So it is important to introduce language to them right from the start. Some researchers say that the number of words learn by children in the early stages, is closely associated with their future growth. So, talk to your child as much as possible and show them new words. The experts at Childcare Maylands, mention that you can explain the emotions when introducing words, so they can understand better.

Let your Child Describe the Story

May be you are a parent who reads stories to your kid at night. But, you could bring a change here, and ask your child to take turns to do so. This is an outstanding way to improve your child’s vocabulary skills. Let your child bring out the leads to wherever his or her imagination advances. Make sure to ask some rhetorical questions in between, to introduce new words and help them with your suggestions.

Naming Household Items

This is a great way to help your child explore an array of words. No matter what age your child is, children will learn to associate with the items. You can study each item with your child and pronounce the word, asking them to do the same. Use any item that is at your home, so that your child knows its name.

Spot Out the Mistakes with Care

It is quite natural for the children to mispronounce the words. However, parents must not get angry or punish the child for such mistakes. Instead, it is wise to appreciate your child for his or her attempt, and point out the words they got right. The more the fun you are able to create, the more positive experience do you set up for your child to expand vocabulary.

What do the experts say?

Reading out stories and frequent conversations with children play a significant role in improving the kid’s vocabulary. So, the more your read, the more vocabulary do they develop. Therefore, make sure that they hear a word over and over again!

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