Honda Dashboard Warning Lights and What They Mean

One of the best parts about buying a new Honda car is the sense of security in knowing that you have a clean slate. Anything that could go wrong would be avoided by keeping up with Honda automotive repair and service. Sometimes you’ll see dashboard warning lights and your immediate response is typically “What does that mean?” Did you know that some of them are indicating greater danger than others? Knowing what each symbol means can save yourself from a lot of panic.Here we help you identify what they mean.

Different Lights for Different Types of Warnings

Malfunction indicators are typically red, amber, blue, and greenin color and should be taken seriously. Among these colors, the red and amber lights are the most critical while the blue and green lights are more general. Also, remember, if one of these lights comes on and stays on, your vehicle may need the attention of a Honda mechanic in San Antonio, TX.

Amber Warning Lights

1. Adaptive Cruise Control:

There is a problem with the system.

2. Anti-Lock Brake System:

There is an issue with the anti-lock brakes.

3. Blind Spot Information:

The sensor is blocked, or there is an issue with the system.

4. Check Engine Light:

This light flashes because there is an issue inthe vehicle’s emissions, fuel cap, or a misfire in a cylinder.Stop in at a Honda and Acura repair shop San Antonio and get it fixed.

5. Electric Power Steering

Restart your engine professionally.

6. Lane Keep Assist System:

Alerts you when the system is on.If the light stays on, there is something wrong with the system.

7. Low Fuel:

Get to a gas station soon!

8. Low Tire Pressure:

At least one tire does not have enough air in it.

9. Smart Entry System:

There is an issue with the system.Needs a professional check.

10. Vehicle Stability System:

If the light remains on, there is an issue with the system, and it needs to be serviced.If the light blinks, the system is on.

Red Warning Lights

1. Charging System:

Your battery is not charging. Turn off everything electrical that you can and have your vehicle serviced immediately.

2. Immobilizer:

Your transmitter is not being recognized by the vehicle. Turn your vehicle off, then back on again. If this does not work, have your vehicle looked at professionally.

3. Low Oil Pressure:

Check oil level and add if necessary. If light remains on, have vehicle serviced right away.

4. Seat Belt Reminder:

Buckle up! If it remains on even after you are buckled, have your vehicle checked for other issues associated with it.

5. Supplemental Restraint System:

There is an issue with the airbag system or a seat belt tensioner. Have your vehicle checked right away.

6. Parking Brake or Brake System:

May need to release the parking brake before driving, or there is an issue with the brake system.

If you notice any issues with yourHonda vehicle, consider taking your car to the Honda repair shop in San Antonio, and have it fixedright away to keep it in good shape.

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