Home building Trends That Will Define 2020 And Beyond


Now it is the right time to consider custom home that you have been envisioning for years. Yes, nowadays, home trends are more than good design and aesthetics. It is all about creating spaces that reflect your values and are more comfy and enjoyable to live in. From net-positive construction to minimalist homes, 2020 home trends are about your family’s lifestyle.

Get inspired with these top trends in home design we, home builders in Sydney, believe that it will define 2020.

Sustainable Design

Although it has been popular for a long time, going green design has evolved to be more than energy-efficient appliances and lightings. Now, it is all about ensuring that everything in your home reduces the carbon footprint and minimise the impact on the environment. Think big and get creative. Choose sustainable building materials, install solar panels, and remodel old furniture instead of going for a new one.

Home Automation

Ever since voice assistants were launched, it has changed our lives. Home automation trend kicked in due to the voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, etc. In fact, it is a longstanding trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Home automation makes life even more comfortable and convenient. From a light that can be turned on remotely to skylights that can open and close automatically, there are several ways you can integrate smart home technology into your living space. Include home security, temperature control, and all electronic devices.

Disaster Resiliency

These days, the climate is unpredictable, and it affects us negatively. From wildfires that can last for several months to major floods, we have to be prepared for the worst when building a house. This is one of the reasons why you need to hire professional house builders Sydney as they can advise on disaster-resilient materials that can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Outdoor Living

Many Australians now give up a cottage or summer home and choose to recreate the experience in their own backyards. This trend helps house owners to make the most of their outdoor space and take full advantage of the yard, especially during the summer months.

Minimalist Design

Times have changed drastically as many homeowners are de-cluttering and downsizing. Due to the facts, including increased global social awareness, environmental concern, modern aesthetics, and the realisation of more life than possessions are the significant reasons why minimalist home is trending and thriving.

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