Here’s Why You’ll Be Glad You Got a 1911 Build Kit

Suppose you are a competition shooter who uses some version of an M1911. Suppose you are a citizen or a law enforcement officer who carries one daily. Suppose you are even a collector of historic or influential arms and you have one or several in your collection.

Now suppose that any of those above scenarios applies to you with the exception being that you do not currently own a 1911 of some sort or other. Suppose also that you were in the running for one and were only waiting for the right deal to find you.

In any of these situations, in the end you’ll be glad if you picked up a 1911 build kit. Whether the case is that you already are the owner of a 1911 or you just want to get one in the near future, a 1911 build kit is worth every penny of its asking price, and here’s the reason why.

In the event that you currently own a 1911, a build kit is still a valuable investment because of the number of parts it comes with, some of which are very hard to find. Now, if you were thinking that you would never have a need for some of these parts and were only expected to ever make, at most, periodic repairs, then we have some news for you. Take a part like a barrel that you might feel is a permanent part. Consider that you are a competition shooter as described above. After thousands and thousands of rounds, the rifling in the barrel will wear down. The pistol will become less efficient and less accurate. If you happen to be a serious competition shooter, at that point, you will need a new barrel. With your build kit that you had on hand, the replacement can be surprisingly simple.

That’s a pretty involved replacement, as they go. If you break a firing pin or need to replace some retaining parts or a spring, that can be so much easier with a build kit that you keep on hand. Plus, in the event you lose any parts, you’ll pretty much always have a spare.

All of that applies even when you already have a 1911; the value in that cause is that you would almost always have parts on hand for replacement, no matter how obscure. The second situation is much more convincing and telling.

Now let the situation apply to you in that you do not currently have a 1911. If you don’t have one but want one, a 1911 kit is a great way to get intimately familiar with the inner workings of the platform. It’s an even better way to form a sense of ownership and pride over the one that you actually create. It’s the same reason that people buy knife kits and cook their own dinner. It involves you in the process and makes you feel like a part of what’s going on. Plus, you can bond with your tools – don’t believe otherwise.

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