Here’s Why You Need to Consider Adding Accent Walls

Do you want to make a statement and create a dramatic effect? Or give your interiors a new look? There’s no better option than adding accent walls to your interiors. Adding an accent wall to your interiors is more than just painting on a wall. In fact, accent walls are the easiest ways to spruce up a space to make it more lively, creative, and fun.

What is accent wall?

An accent wall, also called feature wall, is one wall of a room that is designed uniquely than the others. It can come in many different forms and you can paint it with any colour, and decorate it according to your choice. However, understanding colours and how they complement each other is very important to add an accent wall that enhance the look of a room. If necessary, get help from professional painters Chatswood.

Why do you need to add an accent wall to your house?

While there are many reasons to add an accent wall into a room, personal reasons are the major reasons. People like the idea of accent walls as they give a specific look. However, there are other reasons, as well. Apart from personal decisions, let’s take a look at the reasons why it is a good idea to add an accent wall in your house: –

Make your small room look bigger

Making a room look pleasant and inviting can be challenging, especially with small rooms. This is when the accent wall come to the play as it makes a small room appear big and dramatic. Adding one dark colour to a single wall in a solid, light-coloured room gives a different look. However, choose the right colour combinations to achieve the desired look.

Break up a room

An accent wall is one of the best options to break up an area without constructing anything new. A large room with four walls is an excellent place to add accent walls and it will look beautiful when painted in contrast colours. You can make the room look different and inviting by adding dark or light-coloured accent walls. Get colour consultation from house painters Chatswood before painting the accent wall.

Highlight a feature

You could see accent walls around a fireplace or built-in bookshelves. This is because the owner wants to hide or highlight some of the décor or a feature of a room. A light-coloured fireplace in a room with dark paints can look odd. But an accent wall can create a dramatic effect on that particular room.

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