Here’s What You Need To Know About Refrigerated Trucks

In this modern era where product preservation is absolutely indispensable, refrigerated trucks have played an important role in certain industries such as dairy, flower business, food preparation, and biopharmaceutics, to name a few. Refrigerated trucking companies have risen to so much popularity as they are most sought-out by businesses that focus on yielding fresh produce, blood products, mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast, and other living organisms. In spite of all that, many questions are still left unanswered. What really is a refrigerated truck? When and where did it originate? Who invented it? What are its basic functions? All of these questions will be addressed below, so kindly read on.

Over the last centuries, refrigerated freight has come a long way. People have been trying to find the best ways to ship perishable goods since the late 1800s, while preserving and maintaining standard temperature. The refrigerated shipping method had its beginning when blocks of ice were first used to protect piles of fish stock as they were transported via railroad. This method was considered practical at first, but it didn’t become sustainable in the long run as it caused discoloration in most of the transported meat. 


Luckily, the first portable air-cooling unit, also called the refrigeration unit, was invented by Frederick McKinley Jones in the early 1930’s. Mobile refrigeration was improved with his inventions to support the long-distance transport of medical supplies, milk, and other perishable goods. Jones was granted a patent for it by 1940, and Joseph A. Numero teamed up with him to start a new company specializing in refrigerated or cooling systems. By 1949, they introduced the world’s first refrigerated truck; since the production of that reefer truck dramatically increased, their company became a multi-million dollar firm.


During World War II, the portable air-cooling unit prototypes were especially significant. They were used to help move perishable goods across the military hospitals and across the open battlefields. This helped preserve food, medicinal products, and other time-sensitive items. Also, health tents and hospitals in the army were able to collect blood for the wounded soldiers. It’s hard to imagine if they could ever survive without Frederick’s invention. 


At present, the modernized refrigeration unit helps transport sweets, chocolates, food, medical supplies, and plenty of other products. A refrigerated truck, also known as a reefer, can hold dairy products, frozen food, and any other goods during transport that require dual temperature settings. Since its inception, mobile refrigeration has continued to develop and the distribution of temperature and time sensitive products is made easier through reefer trucks, trailers, and even vans. Moreover, as biopharmaceutical science has become increasingly important in today’s advanced movement, refrigerated trucks have become staples in easily and reliably transporting living organisms to bio laboratories and clinics. That’s just how significant a logistics trucking company is in today’s mode of living. 


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