Here’s What You Need to Know about Dental Implant Surgery

Are you planning to replace you missing teeth? Well, there’s no better solution than dental implants in Melbourne. However, the thought of implant surgery can be stressful and at times, force you to put off the treatment for a while. But, when it comes to your oral health, neither dental implants cost Melbourne nor dental anxiety shouldn’t be a major concern.

The dental implant procedure is less painful and minimally invasive procedure. Thanks to dental technologies and advances in implant technology. People who have had their implants reported that they have felt comfortable during the procedure than they have imagined.

What happens during the surgery?

Of course, receiving dental implant is not a simple procedure. But, it is not going to hurt you anyway. In fact, the procedure itself is done by administering anaesthesia. However, it is good to educate yourself what to expect during the procedure as it will help you cope up with your anxiety and make informed decisions.

Tooth extraction

If you have any damaged tooth, it has to be pulled out first. While it doesn’t take much time to extract a tooth, it may take some time to pull out of a fractured tooth to avoid fragmentation. You may feel a little pressure as the dentist wiggles the tooth out but won’t feel any pain.

Placement of implant

Once the tooth is extracted, the dentist will drill a hole in your jawbone and insert the implant deep into the bones. The implant acts as a root of a replacement tooth. Then, the jawbone is allowed to heal and it may take several weeks or months depending on the patient’s oral health. This is because the implants fuse with the jawbone naturally through a process called osseointegration.

Placement of abutment and crown

Once the tooth implant Melbourne is stable enough to hold the new tooth, an abutment will be placed on top of it that serves as a connector to the crown. Finally, the new crown will be placed on the top of implants. The crown is made to match other surrounding teeth so you’ll not find any difference between the artificial and your natural teeth.

The truth is that most of the dental procedures are not painful. It is the anticipation and the fear of the unknown facts makes people worried about the dental treatments. When you are properly informed, dental procedures can be a pleasant experience. So, speak to your dentist and know what happens before, during, and after a dental procedure.

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