Here’s What You Need to Consider before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting the kitchen cabinets can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. A fresh coat of paint can make the place cleaner, cosier, and more welcoming when done right. Maybe you are inspired from the Pinterest boards. Perhaps got it from home improvement project magazines and decided that painting kitchen cabinets is the best way to spruce up your kitchen on a dime. DIY painting job may seem to be gleaming in a unique coat of paint and easier. But, there are many things to consider before painting the kitchen cabinets.

Painting kitchen cabinets is not for all. It is a good idea to hire residential painters Sydney to get the job done. However, if you want to paint the kitchen cabinets all by yourself, consider these things:-

Clean and prepare the cabinet

What is the most important part of a paint job? Prep the surface! Yes, cleaning and preparing the surface is crucial to achieve the desired look and ensure the paint colour adheres well to the walls. That’s why you need to work with professional house painters Sydney as they know the importance of preparing the cabinet before painting.

Grabbing a can of paint and brush and going wild on the cabinets might seem like an ideal way to spend your weekend. But, it’s not easy. Prior to painting, cabinets must be removed, cleaned, dings, dents, and cracks should be fixed and properly prepared. The cabinets should be thoroughly wiped and ensure it is grease-free.

You’ll have to sand the cabinets then to rough up the surface and apply primer before painting. Phew, preparing the walls is not that easy. But, you have to do it no other way.

Priming is the key

Before you start to paint the kitchen cabinets, ensure to apply primer to improve adhesion of the paint coat to the surface, and prevent premature peeling. However, you can skip this step if you’re painting kitchen cabinets that are already painted or using a paint that has a primer. Also, prime the cabinets, if you are going from a darker shade to a light colour.

Choose the right paint

Selecting the right paint is the key for long term durability. When deciding to choose the best paint for the kitchen cabinets, consider your priorities. Oil-based paints are a better choice as they have more moisture and stain resistance and give a long-lasting job. However, you can use latex paint as well.

Select the right colour

When it comes to paint colour, choose neutrals colours like cream for a traditional look and slate for a modern kitchen. You can go with a combination of the two for a transitional or modern kitchen. Whatever colour you choose, ensure the colour you complement the walls, countertops, and floors.

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