Here’s what you must know about your Third Molars!

Say ‘wisdom teeth removal’ in a room full of adults, and you will hear at least a few stories about the tooth extraction procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction is very common. However, many of us know fairly little about it. Why do we have the third molars in the first place? How do you know if they must be removed? And exactly how much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

To help you get a clear idea, here is everything you must know about third molar removal before, during, and after the procedure.

What are Wisdom Teeth, and why do they erupt?

Your third molars or the wisdom teeth are a set of four teeth located in the backsides of your mouth. These molars usually grow between the ages of 17 and 24. That’s why they are wisdom teeth in the first place.

These third molars have different names around the world. In Turkey, you can expect to get your “twentieth-year teeth” Or yas disi, or In Korea, they call it sa-rang-nee that refer to “love teeth.”

Now the question we have is if there is no sufficient space in our mouth to accommodate these molars, why do we have them at all?

According to anthropologists, the wisdom teeth were essential for our caveman ancestors, who depend on raw meat, roots, leaves, and nuts. However, since as we have evolved into cooking and eating food and use utensils that otherwise crush, cut, and mash it into convenient pieces. To put it simple, modern humans just don’t need the third molars anymore.

How would you know if your Third Molars should be removed?

As our modern diets evolved, so did our jaw lines. However, for many of us, our third molar teeth never got the memo. Our small mandibles no longer have space to comfortably accommodate the wisdom teeth, yet most of the population still develops them. And this is what makes many of us seek cheap wisdom teeth removal.

For some of us, erupting wisdom teeth turn out to be no big deal. They experience no pain or other symptoms as their teeth can fully erupt without issues. In other cases, the wisdom tooth doesn’t have adequate room to erupt normally.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth:

When a third molar form in the mouth but is unable to make through the gums, it is referred to as impacted. Also, the one that erupts only partway is called partially impacted teeth.

In both cases, the molars often grow at different angles due to a lack of space in the mouth. This becomes the source of many impending problems that include:

– Trapped food leading to decay

– Wisdom tooth pain

– Damage to nearby teeth and the jaw bone

– Development of a cyst around wisdom teeth

– Bacterial accumulation and growth along with the opening in the gum line of a partially impacted tooth

This is why most dentists recommend affordable wisdom teeth removal price.

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