Here’s how to rank for ‘near me’ searches

Optimising your website for local search is vital to be found online by your local audience. ‘Near me’, searches are one of the leading trends in local SEO. Compared to the previous year, ‘near me’, searches have increased by more than 150%. On the other hand, if you are not focusing on local SEO, it means that you are missing out on ranking locally for 46% of all online searches. Showing up in the search engine result page for ‘near me’ searches is vital to help your customers find your business. If you are not showing up your Rivals most probably are. So how to rank for ‘near me’ searches? Here are a few tips from experts at SEO Sydney that will help improve the local visibility of your business.

Update your GMB listing:

GMB listing is the first things that appear most of the time when you search for a particular local query. It makes sense because GMB consists of all the required information that people need while looking for a product or service in their locality.

To take advantage of this feature, you should create a GMB profile. GMB is a free tool from Google that helps businesses rank locally. While optimising your GMB profile, make sure to include and update all the key information including your contact number, address, hours of operation, holidays and also keywords of the business and industry you are in. Adding photos and videos can also increase your ranking.

Is your website mobile friendly?

It is fair to assume that people usually search for ‘near me’ keywords in a state of urgency or when they are out of their house. Hungry! Let me find a good restaurant ‘near me’! And they search “restaurants near me”.

When your site is mobile-friendly, it will not only attract customers from all the sources but also lessen the bounce rate. When your site is mobile-friendly, your customers or prospects don’t have to wait longer to find information about you. Just by entering a ‘near me’ query, they will find you, your address and a lot of details about you. Mobile-friendly websites also do well in terms of improving the overall SEO of a site. In fact, many sources and even Google has mentioned it many times that a mobile-friendly website can help with SEO and rankings in many ways. Here are some tips from SEO experts in Sydney to make your website mobile-friendly:

– Focus on the loading time of your website

– Don’t use flash

– Use large fonts

– Use large buttons that work well on mobile devices

– Keep your design simple and ditch any ads that block text in the page

Nap consistency:

Well, you should make sure that your website lists some basic information about your business. Having a contact page on your website is a must. At the same time make sure the info in this page and the GMB listing matches precisely.

Make customer feedback visible:

Making customer reviews visible is considered as one of the most influential factors to impact ‘near me’ search results. With the reviews of a business, Google makes it easy for customers to find the best business near them. The more the positive reviews users leave at your site, the more customers you get. Moreover, you should also respond to those reviews, and this is one other way to improve your local search rankings. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative ones show that you value your customers and care for them.

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