Here’s how to maintain your Shaving Brush!

You have done all the research and finally selected your perfect shaving brush kit, or you just got your shaving gift set from a loved one. Now you will want to ensure you are maintaining the precious one. Maintaining the shaving brush is not a rocket-science to be true. However, you can put some specific nuances into practice to ensure your shaving brush lasts as long as possible. Preserving your shaving brush knot, and extending its life for at least a few more months, will save you money over the course of your shaving life.

How do we make sure our shaving brushes are maintained in top condition? Here are some tips from the experts to care for the wet shaving brush and preserve it for a long time.

Be gentle with it:

In the process of both loading your brush with shaving cream or soap and applying it on your face, be cautious not to push it down forcefully. That’s because the ability of the brush to hold up firmly plays a vital part in its longevity.

Of course, you must take some time to push the brush into your face, lift the hairs, and give yourself a face massage and exfoliate the skin. But be gentle with your brush. Keep in mind that the more aggressive you are with your brush bristles, the more strain you are putting on it, causing them to lose their firmness.

Cleaning your Shave Brush:

Rinse your shaving brush after every use to remove the excess foam, shave cream, or soap. When rinsing, use only warm water. While doing so, do not twist or wring the bristles as it can more quickly damage the bristles. Simply run water through the bristles to make sure all cream or soap is washed out thoroughly. Then, by a flicking motion, remove any excess water as possible without squeezing, touching, twisting or wringing the bristles of the brush.

Also remember, don’t expose the brush in water that is too hot. That’s because hot water can disengage the glue that holds the bristles together. This is one of the common mistakes most people make that wrecks a brush quicker.

Keep it dry:

After shaving and cleaning, shake out all excess water as said above, and leave the brush in the stand, upside down. By doing so, the remaining water from the base will drip. Make sure it’s not stored in a wet or humid room. That’s why experts advise to buy a shaving brush and stand together.

With the right care and attention, you can make your brush last for a lifetime. As long as you have got the right stand, the right brush, and the right approach, everything else will fall in place.

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