Here’s how to handle a broken Car Windscreen!

Is your car’s windscreen chipped or cracked? Don’t ignore the damage, the windscreen of your car solely provides you with a clear view of the road ahead, and also helps keep an eye on the traffic. It prevents moisture, dirt, and dust from entering your car. Most importantly, the laminated auto glass used in windscreen offers 40% of structural support to the roof of your car. So, any damage to this glass can be a safety hazard. To not to put your safety and the safety of the people driving with you, get your windshield repaired or replaced as quickly as possible depending on the extent of the damage.

The extent of the damage:

Most windscreens available now are made of laminated safety glasses. These glasses are specifically designed to provide maximum safety to the driver and the passengers in the event of a crash. These safety glasses constitute two separate pieces of glasses, the laminated glass on the outside and tempered glass on the inside. The two layers of the glass are glued together with a layer of PVB or polyvinyl butyral, sandwiched between them. When a collision occurs or if a small object such as a stone hits on the windscreen, only the outer glass gets damaged. Even if the damage is more severe and the windscreen glass shatters, the PVB layer will hold the broken glass from flying into your face.

Usually, windshield repair Sydney is possible if the crack or chip if small. However, if the windscreen gets chipped in more than two places or cracked severely, then you should spend on windscreen replacement cost Sydney. Windscreen replacement is also necessary if the damage has triggered down to the inner layer of the glass. Ignoring such damages can compromise the safety of the passengers.

Find if the windscreen needs to be repaired or replaced:

Until a few years ago, no one could imagine getting their broken windscreen glass repaired. If the glass got cracked or chipped, you would have to get it replaced, and that was the only option. However, with modern technology, repairing windscreen glass is possible nowadays saving your time, money and the hassle of replacement. However, repairs are possible only under some circumstances. Minor damages, up to two chips and minor cracks can be repaired. Any damage beyond that demand windscreen replacement. Other factors that determine whether the windscreen glass needs to be replaced or repaired are as follows:

– Repairing a crack on the windscreen glass is not advisable if the damage has penetrated both layers of the glass.

– If the PVB layer is damaged, car glass repair is not possible.

– Car glass repair is not advised if the damage begins or ends at the edges of the glass.

– If the windscreen glass gets damaged twice at the same place, you should get it replaced.

– If the damage is in the line of sight of the driver, you must look for car glass replacement.

You might be experienced in driving, but not everyone can decide whether the windscreen glass needs to be replaced or repaired. Only a professional can help you with these things. So, if you find a chip or crack in your windscreen, get in touch with professionals for car windscreen chip repair Sydney.

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