Here’s how to find the ROI of Your SEO Campaigns

Investing in growing your business is not an easy act. It’s an era where business people have to decide between hiring sales personal and investing in different offline and digital marketing channels, and the options may seem overwhelming.

In most areas of your business, it is easy to see your profit streams. You can say which stock-keeping unit gets the most sales. You know what your moneymaker is. Yet understanding how search engine optimisation produces more revenues is not that easy. Often the overwhelming amounts of data and the never-ending industry jargon get in the way. It’s hard to link.

However, the ROI of SEO can be measured clearly. The connection between your SEO efforts and increased revenues can be transparently demonstrated. It is simply a matter of understanding how SEO return of investment is generated and how it cuts costs and boosts revenues at the same time.

No more wondering what search engine optimisation can do for you. Let’s explore why SEO is the best investment that you can make in your business.

Why do we say SEO Improves Return on Investment and Revenue?

Let’s put it simple, the ultimate goal of SEO is to make your site appear higher in search results, thus improving Click through rate.

– The higher the click-through rate, the more clicks your website gets.

– More clicks to your website mean more traffic.

– More traffic, in turn, improves goal conversions.

– Increased goal conversion means more revenue.

Calculating the ROI of SEO:

The amount you invest in growing your organic search traffic will differ significantly, depending on whether you decide to hire an in-house marketer, professional SEO Sydney Solutions, or take a do-it-yourself approach to SEO.

It’s easy to calculate the percentage increase in traffic or revenue. Once you have the revenue numbers, you can calculate the ROI from your SEO efforts.

ROI= (SEO Revenue – (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

Why SEO has a high ROI compared to other media?

– SEO lasts longer than other media

– SEO is cheaper than other paid strategies.

– SEO offers trust and credibility to your audience.

– SEO is quantifiable.

How long will it take to see ROI from SEO?

One of the common questions that we hear is, ‘how long will it take to see the return on investment from SEO?’

To make it clear for you, SEO is a long-term investment. It often takes anywhere between three-six months to gain traffic. Once you begin to see traffic, growth is exponential.

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