Here is how to optimise a blog post?


As known, organic traffic is vital for generating traffic for your blogs. Search Engine Optimisation has become incredibly important for marketers. While optimising your website, including blog posts, make your website more visible to people who are searching for keywords associated with your web page on search engines like Google.

Does Blogging help with SEO?

Yes, blogging helps to boost SEO by positioning your webpage as a relevant answer to the questions asked by your potential customers. Blog posts with precisely many on-page tactics will allow your website to get higher in search engines and get more clients to visit your site.

In this post, we will show you how to optimise your blog to get a higher rank in SEO with the help of SEO experts.

Build quality contents:

For Search Engine Optimising a blog, the first SEO technique is to write unique contents. Make sure the contents are distinctive, attractive, and engaging so that readers can read all your blogs. Keep important info in the top above the fold. This will attract customers to read the blog fully. Google does not rank low-quality content. Hence you must write good contents. Hiring SEO consultants can help to add good contents to your website and improve ranking.

Customise the Meta Titles:

The title of the blog is one of the vital SEO techniques. Every post and every page should have its title, which also should include the main keywords of that page.

Create a unique Title:

-The length of the title should be between 60 to 70 characters

-Use keywords on your title

Optimise the URL structure:

To gain organic traffic on a webpage, it is vital to optimise your site’s URL structure. For this, make sure you keep the URLs short. Try adding different URLs for each post.

Optimise Images:

A big sized image on your website can decrease the loading speed of your site. This can make it difficult for your web page to rank in search engines. Customise the images and compress its size for quick loading.

The number of links on a page:

For design and user experience purposes, Google recommends keeping the number of links on a page under a hundred. Because user experience is more important than page rank and SEO measures nowadays, limiting a hundred links to a page is a smart idea.

If you are not an expert in SEO, Google ranking can be frustrating. Hire SEO services can handle Search Engine Optimisation for blogs at ease with their professional knowledge and extensive training.

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