Here are some Top Baking Paper Hacks to follow in your Restaurant


Baking papers are widely used in restaurants. These heat resistant and non-sticky papers serve many purposes and hence cannot be neglected in restaurant kitchens any longer. With a sprinkle of smart thinking and a little creativity, there are millions of ways to use this super convenient item.

Yummy Crispy Pizza:

All your customers will love fresh and warm pizzas. No one will enjoy a squishy pizza that is nuked in the microwave oven. Deprived of all its appeal, what could have been an enjoyable snack, now it has turned into a soggy mess. For heating the pizza to serve hot, place it on a piece of baking paper. They turn to a crispy and warm snack. It will be every bit yummy for your customers to munch.

Delicious Cupcakes:

It has happened to all of us. You are baking cupcakes, and halfway you discover you have missed out something important. If the item you missed happens to be your cupcake liner, relax, worry no more. Use a baking sheet instead of a muffin or cupcake cup.

Baking papers can even add rustic charm to your confectionaries at bake sales. For this, you should grease the pan slightly and cut baking papers into small squares and place them inside the mould forming a cup. Add the cupcake mixture in and viola.

Eco-Friendly Option:

Baking papers are eco-friendly and compostable. So after baking the perfect cake and the yummy cupcake, help the garden and ecosystem by throwing the paper into a compost heap. Baking paper is good for the environment and its future. Guide your customers also the same way.

Quick Toasties:

Grilled cheese sandwich are those treats which make some delicious and quick lunch. These are also perfect snacks for kids. However, these often leave a mess on the grill. As a result, your workers get to work a lot to remove it. Next time when you make toasties for your customers, try adding a piece of the baking sheet. Place a sandwich between two baking sheets and cook, and the mess will stay on the sheet. Baking paper can withstand high temperatures and can be thrown on to your compost pile later.

These hacks prove that with little imagination, you can enjoy seamlessly endless applications of baking papers in your restaurant. Get your baking papers from the best wholesale packaging supplies now to attract more customers.

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